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Moving forward to the next stage of the project

We have reached a point where we need to close the window for submissions. This is necessary so that we can move forward with the next phase of this project to get this completed and available within the next couple of weeks.

While we do have to adhere to some form of data processing, I want to make sure that the energy that has been coming forth for this project does not stop because we can no longer take submissions. This is extremely important. Why? Because our world is changing now. The questions I’ve posed in this project are the real questions that we all need to be asking ourselves. It is through your own personal thought process and your own conversations with your friends and families that is helping to prepare you for these changes.

Please know this: What we have perceived to be “Normal” up until now is an old paradigm that will never return. Everything is shifting, everything is changing. Your everyday lives 5 years from now will be dramatically different then they are today given what is about to occur in so many different ways all over the planet. Thinking about these questions and doing your own research to try to come up with the answers has helped to prepare you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

I ask that you please continue to play an active role in thinking about and discussing the solutions that we will need. We all need that energy to continue to bring this process to its next phase.

What is the next phase for the HopeGirl team?
Your submissions are now being entered into our system. Then we will create the presentation, submit it to the people it needs to get to, and publish it on the web. We are hoping to have this complete in the next couple of weeks.

We are working hard. A team of 13 beautiful volunteers has been assembled to help us process all of the submissions. Some of us are putting in 14-20 hour days to get this done. It will get done. And we will all Fix this World.

Love and Blessings to all of you!



About hopegirl2012

Naima Feagin (HopeGirl) holds an MBA and a variety of business experience in corporate and government finance and small business entrepreneurship. In 2012, she left the corporate world to build an online business through blogging, marketing, teaching and a passion for humanitarian projects. In 2014 her stepfather designed and open sourced a free energy generator prototype. She traveled around the world building free energy prototypes and growing her online business. This is also when she met her partner Tivon. She has played a large role as a public spokesperson for her family’s free energy project. Hope and Tivon also sponsor a local community center for women and children. They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco.


7 thoughts on “Moving forward to the next stage of the project

  1. Oh my gosh, this is a most wonderful phenomenal opportunity. I am just so very grateful to be a part of creating our New golden world. May our Divine Creator bless us all. Thank you all!

    Posted by Angela Carmen Sanchez | September 28, 2012, 11:12 pm
  2. Thank you HopeGirl ~ you are a great inspiration ❤

    Posted by Shirley | October 1, 2012, 12:24 pm
  3. This is so awesome! 😀 I’m so excited. Thank you, again, for putting this together 😀 😀

    Posted by Xephyr Hunter | October 2, 2012, 2:38 pm
  4. So looking forward with great expectation to the “Book of Solutions” which you will put up on this blog. Let’s all use the solutions which we resonate with, which cause us to feel great optimism and appreciation, that will be put here for us to read, to give us inspiration to use our brains/minds/heart to imagine these solutions ALREADY DONE! And let’s FEEL these feelings of completion and celebration for a new world.
    🙂 You, aka YouMa

    Posted by You | October 9, 2012, 11:29 pm
  5. I just have a comment. Although, I don’t think it is one that will be widely accepted, I still would like to broadcast it.
    I want to start off by saying, that I truly do understand, that certain forceful actions must take place, to accomplish proper placement of those people places and things, to bring forth the expression and experience of freedom, that we have all been longing for, for sometime now.

    But, I feel, the reason for these delays, set-backs and hesitations, is due to our continued hold, on the idea, that there is truly a “them”. This produces thoughts of division, that cause us to believe it’s “us” versus “them”. This is the mental state “they” need us to be in, so “they” can accomplish “their” plans, that will keep “them” in a position of world domination and control. Even though “they” won’t succeed, due to the elevating and expanding Energy of True Life, that is taking shape on this planet, that is Oneness, which is God.

    I feel that if we mentally relinquish any attempt to try and make “another” different than what we are, we can collectively collapse it’s supporting energies. When we choose to embrace the Universal Reality of the Wholeness of Creation, we put ourselves in league with the Source of All. The which, will cause us to operate and function in a harmonious and unified manner. This is because the energy of Truth and Light, or God, is taking precedence over anything that, suppresses and darkens the Truth, blocks the liberal expression of the Spirit of man, and limits the always available abundance that Life has to offer. Therefore, we have this supporting energy to aid us in a speedy and graceful transition, into this new and true age of living, that will be absolutely Golden.

    Although, those of us who are self-aware and/or are intensely focused on freeing this country and the world at large, are in number, small by comparison. However, it is enough to help usher this in, this Golden Age, for the Whole. We are the ones (for the most part) that are tuning into these “strange” and “unbelievable” to most, alternative channels of information. But, there is a slight problem amongst those of us working on this global cause, and that is, we are accepting information of division, from those that are suppose to be in league with us. You’ll notice, upon inspection, that “Light Workers” are against “Light Workers”. Proclaiming out loud, that the “other” is an undercover dark agent, a dis-informant, or one that has become a trader by switching “sides”. This only favors to the agenda of the so-called “Cabal”.

    When we are hearing and reading information that is one of unity, equality, freedom for all, and unconditional love, we should be supportive of these souls. (If that is their true intention.) Most of us are merely acting as messengers. Which means the intel we are receiving, may not always be correct. Or, it may not be information, that every messenger’s informants know about. Or, it could be, that the information is a description of an act that is due to take place, but hasn’t yet. This is to include, what we have been told, by many informing sources, that told us, were to take place months ago. Again, it doesn’t mean, it is not going to happen, and it doesn’t make this messenger a bad guy for delivering it to those who are willing to listen. I guarantee, all of us got something wrong at some point or another. This is not to say, that there isn’t any of us that are putting out incorrect information. However, I don’t think it’s always to mis-direct us. I think for some, it’s to gain attention and popularity.

    If we stay in touch with the Core of our beings, (that divine inner navigational system), any information we hear, our heart center will signal to us, whether it is in alignment with the Truth concerning the principles and operation of Life, or not. If it unifies and includes the Whole of Creation as being One and the Same, it will resonate with us as Truth, and a warm sense of peace, joy and love will be felt. Now, if the information being given speaks in a manner that produces division, causing the mind to perceive another as being different than itself, we will experience a sense of fear, which of course leads to war. Then we know this is information that is being brought forth, for the purpose of blocking the Truth and the Light of Life, from shining.

    The “Cabal”, as we call them has done, and are still doing some horrific and horrendous acts upon the majority of humanity and the planet we live on. However, those that we label “the Cabal”, are us and we are them. Although most will disagree with this, the Truth is: All Is One and the Same in the Universe of God. All of it is taking place in the universal “Body” (if you will) of God, and God is in every part, piece and segment, that makes up the sum total of the Universe. Making the analogy of “God Omni-presence”, that is preached about in our religious establishments, valid and true.

    When this factual reality of Life is mentally embraced, judgement of another ceases to be, and is then replaced with gaining understanding of the reasons for these actions that are being projected. No longer accusing the Soul of being something that it is not, based on the actions manifested, from being in a realm of existence, that is operating in duality. We then allow God within us to reveal the over-all divine purpose for such behavior. Then as a result of this understanding, (not forgetting to factor in the inclusion of All things), we then shift into a willingness to see how we personally and collectively, play our part, in this whole limiting and unfulfilling situation we’ve created. A situation that has been in play for thousands of years, over many generations. That has for the majority of the moments within this space of experienced time, has been unpleasant for the whole entire cast that’s been directly involved. And this, by no means excludes the “cabal”. They too, (although they appear to have and control much, if not all), have suffered along with the rest of us. Surely, not at the degree and depth that the majority of us have, but “they” too, like us, have suffered in the same manner. But do know that “they” themselves, are not aware of this. For if “they” were, “they” would have seen the changes for what they are to bring for All, and would have let go of this current dualistic system and embraced the Universal one of Connection and Oneness, a year or so ago. You see “the Cabal”, are merely souls (as we are), that are playing the strong role, of the heavy, in this play we are all involved in called… duality. More commonly know as 3rd dimensionality.

    Because of the global conscious and unconscious knowing of a major change that is taking place on our dear wonderful Earth, the “Cabal” is in the know, that they are on the verge of experiencing , what to them, is considered, a major loss. Losses such as; positions, titles and possessions. The which, they use, to identify themselves as being successful, superior, powerful and greater than another. What this means is; that they are in a state of fear. Which means the view of whatever is the threat, to their false contentful state of living (which is “us” and the Source of Life itself), will need to be eradicated. Which then makes “them” feel like “they” need to go to war. Not for the purpose of continuing to control the masses, but at this point, for their survival.

    Their fear is an indication, of their true feeling of themselves, which is; they are powerless. This explains the reason for “them” expending their energy and using there time, to focus on having control over people, places, things, animals, the planet, etc… They are letting the ego part of themselves, govern and guide the unfolding of their life-experience. This is a strong sign of where their mentality is at, which is “Good and Evil”, or division. A knowledge that was deliberately created by our Maker, that is in direct opposition of this One, our Maker. But it’s time in the sun is now over, and the day of the Lord is upon us. It’s really just time for us to let the illusion of duality go, and start to co-create and flow with Prime Creator.

    I feel a way in which we can improve our job as bringers forth of Freedom for All, is to remember our connection and oneness with All. It may be thought that this will make us weak and unproductive to the completion of this venture. This you will find to be the furthest thing from the Truth. To the contrary, it will put us in the mental and emotional state we need to be in, to attune ourselves to the Energy of Truth, Light and Love that is currently abounding in strength on our planet. So, by no longer playing into the “us” versus “them” game, we no longer (innately) support the energies of division, thus causing more creations of the transition into the operation of Universal Freedom, to come into play at a faster pace. If we are no longer turned on by anything that promotes division, such as; anything fear producing, judgment of others, or any speech against the fulfilling of God’s Kingdom from Wholistically occurring, right here on planet Earth then we no longer support the illusion. This empowers us, or rather, unleashes the Divine Power of our Souls, to affect the current prominent energy to start shifting, that is to start ascending.

    You see, this mode of operation weakens, the agenda of the “Cabal” or any of us, and I mean any of us, universe wide, from accomplishing the thwarting of the coming forth of the Glory of God. You’ll start to see, when the Truth of Life (Oneness), is fully embraced, that you just don’t have a desire to use your energy and focus, to listen to it, entertain it, or fight against it. Your heart will just not be in it anymore.

    Be it, that we are to the “Cabal”, a major catalyst, for changing the dynamics, of their current living condition, it, for them, matters more where we are operating from. What we need to realize is, whatever energetic mentality we are operating from, we will treat everyone equally. What this means is, if we make the choice to continue to support and perpetuate duality, we will have a fear and distrust of everyone, whether they are on the side you represent or not. In other words, it doesn’t matter if they are labeled a “Light Worker”, “Dark One”, “Freedom Fighter”, or “Cabal”, if we govern ourselves using duality, we will always see the other as one that is different than ourselves, which immediately leads to judgement. Separation then follows, and fear wells up. This is because, the perception of the “other” being different than that of “one’s self”, the attack on that “other”, then commences to push the different “one” away. Then we look forward to that person or group of people being hurt, contained, or killed.

    Now I am not saying that these consequences should not be experienced by these ones of us, that refuse to resign from these positions of power. I do understand that anyone of us that are refusing to let go of this now “old”, to prevent themselves from accepting and embracing the “New and True”, must receive a reflection from themselves (us) back to them, of what they have been and still are doing to themselves (us). It’s a Universal principal, that is known as karma, or reaping what you sow. The thing is, we shouldn’t want to celebrate such actions to come upon another soul. For truly, if we would just all “let go and let God”, none of us would have to go through such experiences. We’re foolishly continuing to bring these things unnecessarily upon ourselves.

    When we make the choice to operate in Oneness and Unison, it is first off understood that any action being committed, does not make that soul that action. As stated earlier, we are all souls playing parts. The part played of the “Cabal”, is not exempt to just “them”. We have all done these same acts at one time or another. We may not recognize it, because it most likely wasn’t committed at the same degree or magnitude.

    You see, in Oneness, it is realized, that what we say about one, we say about All. This includes ourselves and the Source of all Life. Therefore, we think about what we are going to say, to see if it is in or out of alignment with the Truth, before we say it.

    With this in mind, the thing that is really being judged, or observed, is the act itself. We gain understanding, as to why this soul/us, is operating in this manner, which again, if it is against the Whole, (which will include themselves) it is because they still believe the lie (division) as being the Truth. From there, “we” Workers of Wholeness”, will proceed, to come up with a way, to bring remembrance to that soul or souls, of their True Nature (the Nature of God, that is Oneness), which starts that soul’s process of change to commence.

    Taking a closer divine look at the global vicious acts, brought upon the world by the “Cabal”, is really an awareness as to how deep we can take the knowledge of “Good and Evil”, and it’s experiences it creates. But these acts, that we use to create the experiences that we hate, cannot make us, or rather change us, from being what we are (soulistically) at a constant. In other words, the experience, (or the created) cannot make the Soul of Man, (the Creator), what we say the experience (the created) is. I know that this was stated three times, in three different ways, but I just wanted to make sure, that this point was understood.

    So, when one has chosen to whole-heartedly embrace Oneness, their eye is kept on the “Mark”, and tolerance for the “illusion of opposites” to continue to reign, is brought to a close. Causing themselves to act as a conduit and a nucleus, for the glory and reality of God, to usher in through them, and all around them, abounding in intensity, because of them.

    Another thing we will notice when we are operating from Oneness is, how information is deciphered. What we hear from another, will never determine what they are. We will focus on their intension. But, even in that, it is still only an indication as to where they are mentally. Either fear (division) or Love (Oneness). We support that of Love and let them hold onto anything of fear. All the while, encouraging them to transcend the fear, to the higher and only existing realm there is… Love.

    It is understood also, that any information that is spoken of, of events that are to take place, is again one that can be embraced, or over-looked, according to what it lines up with. If it has to do with destruction, or loss, then we know it is fear-based, and therefore, division driven. Which we all know to be an illusion, and therefore, a lie.

    If the speech coming forth of what is to come, is about Life, Health, Well-Being, Peace, Freedom, Abundance, Equality and Harmony, then no doubt, this information is one that is based in Love. And the driving force behind the upholding and support of these facts-of-Life, is the Essence or Core of our Being. Then we know we are working with the Truth. That is merely, being allowed to express itself as such, due to that soul allowing the God Force within, to co-create and co-operate with them, to manifest and project the Reality of what has been described here as: God/Life/Self. An Energy that Is the provider for all expressions of Creation. This includes the illusion of duality, which is actually the only way this “opposition of Truth”, was able to have it’s temporary reign, upon this world, and the universe at large. Which again is, time for all of us to let go of.

    When we operate in the space of Love/Oneness, any information heard, that is about events that are to take place at a certain date, or within a block of time, is only a possibility, until it does or doesn’t transpire. This includes information concerning the intension, acts, or plans of an individual or group. Unless, it is something about another or others, that we already know as fact, we by-pass premature judgment of the accusation, and let that be revealed as true or false, in it’s own due time.

    Finally, those few of us that know the reality of Life, know (because of our personal inner connection with Source), that the Truth is the only thing that exist and that makes any sense in this false reality of duality. So, although our waiting on these manifestations of what we internally see and know is so, has been more than exhausting, with all the waiting we’ve been encountering, we still can’t help but hold onto the fact, that a Divine shift of major proportion, is on the horizon, and on the verge of taking place. More than that, we know it has to take place. Otherwise all life forms on this planet, would be highly subject to a complete and total annihilation of further existing. This raises the question for those of us that believe, that our world and everything in it, has a divine decree upon it, by our Maker, to be destroyed out of the makeup of Creation.

    This question is. “What was the point of the Source of All Life, God, creating what was going to end up becoming non-existent?” If man and this planet, were brought forth, only to have a planned destiny of extinction, then why did God create it at all? It was already at it’s “planned destination” before it was all created. Are we trying to say that the Intelligence of the Universe, is unsure of Itself, or somehow without sensible wisdom and knowledge? Or, are we insinuating, that God has an evil streak, and enjoys creating life forms that He applies laws of limitations upon, knowing it will be impossible to uphold? Then granting us with free will, but then telling us, that if we break the law at any point, the whole thing is broken. A law that has instilled within it, the consequence of death, for the transgression thereof. Are we saying that this was God’s purpose and plan for us? This “One” that we worship above anything else? Are we worshipping something that enjoys the pain, destruction and annihilation of it’s own production? Does any of this make any sense?

    Why would the Energetic Source, of All Life-Forms, create beings from itself, that is in It’s image and likeness, that is not only an extension of Itself, but it’s actual Self? Can you not see, how that’s God, utilizing the power of God, to expand God, by creating new and unique expressions of Itself, just to kill all of what It is, to eventually bring the whole of Itself to a none existing state. Again, I ask, where is the sense in all of this?
    So, here is a prime example, as to why those of us that know the Truth, so strongly believe, better yet know, that change from a life-experience of duality, fear, judgment, lack and pain to one of Oneness, Unconditional Love, Abundance and Fulfillment, is inevitable. Which means for us, that there is absolutely no reason to buy into any of the fear productions, the judgments, or any idea that True Life will not come into fruition.

    Although we know, this Golden Age is soon to take it’s place within all of our lives, we just don’t know exactly when. We don’t know the exact time, place or how it will all unfold into it’s full wonderous glory. So, all we can do for right now is, remain diligently focused on that which we know is True, and do what we can, when the opportunity of permitance allows, to help usher in the transformation, of the expression and experience of Love and Light for All.

    I want to end this long comment, off subject with this… due to the nature of duality, the negative of the oppositions, will always be the ruling expression of the two. This is due to the reality of Creation being One and the Same thing. But, because it is a knowledge (duality) that creates experiences that is not in alignment with the Truth, a misalignment of our experiences must take place. Thus, a collective discomfort is then shared. This is because the collective of our world, as-well-as our universe, is one whole body. Therefore, neglect, separation or advantage taking of another part, (if not immediately recognized, eventually), will cause an experience to take place that causes ALL to unnecessarily suffer.

    This is the state of our current moment. The “Cabal” is in fear, scrambling to find a way to continue their false hierarchy system, and those of us who have been under the pressure of the “Cabal” are continuing to suffer in wait. Do you see that it affects All? So, when one thinks, him or herself to be rich, successful or in a state of well-being and that one’s neighbor, (their universal brother) is not, then nor are they. If All are not encountering the joys of living, experiencing fulfillment of their hearts desires, no matter what the “other” seems to have in comparison, that would be considered better, in truth, that “other” is not.

    My Love to you All. May the transition unto the Heavenly expressions of our Souls, manifest here soon. That we may All access and experience the satisfaction and joy of our hearts, minds, bodies and souls… NOW!

    Stephen Williams

    Posted by Stephen Williams | October 11, 2012, 2:19 pm


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