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A Special Note to all HopeGirl Blog Readers Regarding the “Fix the World Project” Release

As mentioned in a previous post many people have been volunteering many hours get this information published and out to all of you. We have rose to each challenge, and there have been many! Our original plan was to release everything all at once, but since our project has run over its deadline I will … Continue reading


Contained in this Appendix are 293 submissions in their original format. We have replaced the authors names with numbers for anonymity. These submissions come from 37 countries and hold a large spectrum of perspectives. Many have been translated from other languages into English. As you read through them, you can see that people from all … Continue reading

“Allright Luke! We’re Goin In!” Latest Update for the Fix the World Project

I write this now, as I felt it necessary to be as transparent as possible with all of you.  I wanted to provide a further update to the “Fix the World” project. All submissions from readers were collected by September 24. We’ve got 300 essays filled with many ideas and solutions by the people and … Continue reading

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