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Fix The World Solution Series: New Fishing Net Design Can Restore the Ecosystem and Revolutionize the Fishing Industry

Researched and Written By Peppi Meikle, New Zealand Our oceans worldwide are currently badly damaged and are being methodically annihilated by commercial fishing using bad practises, and government lethargy.  This is a dire situation on a global scale involving the multibillion dollar fishing industry.  The fishing industry plays a vital role in our wellbeing and … Continue reading

The Truth about Inventions, Investors and Free Energy Technology For All

At the Fix the World Organization we’ve had many conversations with both inventors of free energy devices and the investors that wish to promote them. Through our own personal experiences we’ve noticed a pattern of perceptions, behavior and circumstances that are perhaps the key reasons why the people on this planet do not have the … Continue reading

Fix The World Solutions: Mana O Lana and The Heart of the Matter

Aloha! Featured in our leading FTW Solutions Series is Jeffrey Wium of   Wiumworks Media & The Heart of the Matter, and his new project Mana O Lana. Jeffrey’s first contact with FTW was in response to our global call for solutions to modern world problems. So it is a great honor to start this series … Continue reading

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