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Light and Hope for our World (video)


Community centers that inspire and support body, mind and spirit

The mission of the Growing Heart Center (GHC) is to provide community centers that replenish and inspire conscious, healthy, loving individuals and families through soul-nourishing classes, groups and activities, in a naturally beautiful and peaceful environment for growth. As a nonprofit organization, an important aspect of this new model is meal preparation that is cost … Continue reading

TONIGHT: World support through the healing and transformative power of music and sounds

In a special show tonight, HopeGirl will introduce Sounds of Oneness – Earth Angels featuring composer Marco Missinato. Please join us for a lovely experience when HopeGirl and The FTW Team provides food for your soul and awakened state. HopeGirl/Fix The World Radio Thursday, April 11 at 9 PM EST: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hopegirlftw/2013/04/12/sounds-of-oneness–earth-angels Sounds of Oneness is … Continue reading

AgriDome Community Farms bringing the community locally grown organic foods at a lower price

AgriDome Community Farms will supply organic foods (vegetables, fruits & some livestock) to local Farmer’s Markets, grocers and restaurants as well as community members. The key to this would be the ability to grow any vegetable or fruit from around the globe in a relevant temperature controlled room of the facility. An organic store and … Continue reading

Eduen Gardens Has A Global Plan

Clearly, there is no “magic pill” to escape the unhealthy conditions and threatening elements so prevalent in today’s environment. Eduen offers the world a way out of this dilemma – a solution based on five foundational success keys: • Respect for the land and a dedication to enriching our soils. • The proven ability to … Continue reading

Mini-Hydro Electric Systems – Minimal Environmental Impact

How would a clean independent source of free renewable energy change the lives of a community of people living in an underdeveloped area? When hydroelectric power is mentioned, most people think of gigantic dam systems, which cost billions of dollars, take years to build, destroy ecosystems and aquatic life, and are controlled by a centralized … Continue reading

Magnetic Motors to Power Your Car and Home

HopeGirl/FTW Documentary feature: Magnetic Motors to Power Your Car and Your Home What would your life be like if you never had to put gas in your car or pay an electric bill? Motors run solely by the effects of permanent magnets have been developed in many countries. This revolutionary drive system utilizes an overly … Continue reading

Yaakunah – From the Maya: LOVE

Sustainable Living in the Yucatan Peninsula Yaakunah, a beachfront, conscious-living, self-sustaining community in the Yucatan Penisula, is to be established by a team of skilled people from Canada and open for collaboration worldwide. The beaches are virgin (untouched by hotel real estate), lots of nature and short proximity to the flamingo sanctuaries and jungle sacred … Continue reading

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