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Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. The Energy That Will Flip the Paradigm.

I want to tell you the most amazing story of miracles. 48 hours ago I was at a breaking point or what some would call a “dark night of the soul”. A year ago I choose to do the right thing at my corporate job. I was a whistle blower and was fired as a … Continue reading

Urgent Plea For Help!

Prayer: Humanity I believe in you. I trust you and I give myself to you. I want to work for you humanity, not some greedy corporation. I want to give my value, my skills, my talent, my extensive education, my years of experience and wisdom… to you humanity, and not to the bankers, the corporate … Continue reading

The Energy of Giving. An Important Follow up to Planning your Prosperity.

In my last post, I gave some practical suggestions on how to plan your prosperity so that when the time came, we would all have a good idea on how we would help others.  Many people found this post helpful and I was overjoyed to see the many responses from loving individuals. I did however … Continue reading

Plan Your Prosperity

  We are in fact on the verge of prosperity. I have been having dreams about this all week, as have many of my other “tuned-in” friends. There are several large plans in the works, and it would feel as if they are all ready to pop at the same time. So this prosperity will … Continue reading

If you own a home or have been through foreclosure, you will want to read this!

The powerful mortgage industry, that almost brought down the entire global economy with their casino mentality, continues to generate mountains of fraudulent documents to kick families out on the streets and steal years off of innocent citizens lives by keeping them entangled in ludicrous legal shenanigans. Below is one of the latest stories of one woman, Barbara Bratton. … Continue reading

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