To the Office of Poofness: Fix the World Can Help Everyone With Projects: A Follow Up

PoofFTWYesterday the Office of Poofness put out this post.

Today I was inundated with messages from people wanting to know my take on it, especially since so much of the wording and ideas sounded so similar to the letter I wrote and publically posted to the Office of Poofness last week.

In fact there are many many parallels between FTW and the letter the Office of Poof just put out.  I am more than happy to respond to everyone, and think that this might be incredibly helpful for all of us. I know and can feel in my heart that this prosperity is about to blow any minute, and for this reason I find it so important to be sure I explain to all of you, in the simplest words possible just what we have been working on and why it is going to be crucial in the days to come.

First I would just like to state that I don’t give any energy to beliefs like “stealing ideas”. I don’t believe in competition. In fact, at the Fix the World Organization (FTW) we have this written into our core values. We strive for cooperation and collaboration and foster the excellence from within. Competition, especially aggressive competition (where one wins by cutting down the other) is against the laws of nature. It is how we got into this mess in the first place. It is old paradigm.

FTW is here for everybody. I cannot stress this enough. We are here to serve humanity and help fulfill the needs that are about to unfold. I see that there is a universal consciousness at work here, and many of us are given similar ideas at the same time. After all, there were like 6 people who invented the light bulb at the same time. Did you know that? And there are a LOT of people on this planet, so we will need A LOT of groups and plans and organizations to handle the load. I certainly don’t think that FTW can do this alone. And this is why we have set up our organization the way we have, to keep it open to collaboration with everyone who may need our help. And my projections are telling me that A LOT of people are going to need our help.

I can only assume that the Office of Poofness is by now drowning in project submission emails from every corner of the earth. And if not yet, they will be. I can see, I know, and I fully understand the gigantic administrative task they have ahead of them. I know this because I spent years of my life working in a company that simultaneously managed thousands of projects and teams in countries across the globe. Trust me when I tell you that it is A TON OF WORK. No, really, it’s a LOT MORE WORK THAN MOST PEOPLE THINK IT IS.

Lack of funding is BY FAR the number one reason why so many projects have been put on hold. This does not automatically mean that once everybody has funding the projects will run themselves. Yes, undoubtedly having funding will certainly make things easier, but you don’t throw a pile of money on the corner and come back the next day to see a shiny new building in its place. Money doesn’t build things, people do. And it’s usually more than one person, you need a team. Which means everyone needs to get along in order to get it done. Trust me, when you get to that level of operations, this is when all the ego’s come out. In other words, things get real, and they get real pretty quick.

While others are working on releasing prosperity IN WHATEVER WAY SHAPE OR FORM THAT MIGHT BE, FTW has been building the platform necessary to manage the projects it will create. This platform, and our skills and knowledge is there for anyone who needs it or chooses to use it. We want to help. It is the reason why we exist. Again please allow me to share with everyone what we have to offer.


-We have all the plans in place to build the structure that will be needed to house this workload. This is includes a huge global team of highly trained and skilled people, and a completely virtual office environment that knows NO boundaries.  People can work from home, create their own schedule, work with teams in other countries, the possibilities are limitless.

-We have made all of the connections necessary to implement the administration of these projects

-We have 365 members in our Online Community from a diverse background of skillsets.

-We have a list of world class engineers, physicists, healers and more ready to consult and offer their expertise.

-We have over 40 Projects that are ready to go and just need funding.

-Projects range from free energy devices, healing technology, new sustainable communities, environmental solutions to alternative education methods.  All projects and people involved are focused on providing the essentials to all on the planet in a clean and sustainable way.

-We have been collecting resumes all year  and can staff this work with the right skill sets

-We have consulted with New Paradigm Experts worldwide to create the integrity needed for this type of a business structure

-We can train people who need training, and help support people in problem solving
FTW does not own projects, we help people with their projects. We are here to create the platform to help other people do whatever it is they wish to do to help this world.

So when the time comes, which I think it is truly upon us, we will be ready to implement the plans we’ve worked so hard on all year. We will have the strength, support and skills to get the job done. Of this I am certain and more than just a little excited over. For me, I know that implementing something like this vision is the reason why I chose to be on this planet at this very time. I can’t wait!

All my Love,


10 thoughts on “To the Office of Poofness: Fix the World Can Help Everyone With Projects: A Follow Up

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  3. Hope, I cannot even express my admiration for what you and your team have accomplished in such a short time. I truly know what you have done because I used to head up a team that disbursed millions of dollars of funds to my region in Texas.

    Your integrity and Golden Energy is contagious so we all want to share in your efforts. We are in our 70s and a little physically challenged but we are doing our best to help by spreading the word and doing our research by computers.

    There will be a time when I hope to be able to help more as I am a retired accountant and computer savy.

    Love to you and your team.

  4. I would like to help. I am an Idea person and have always had a different take on things. But I am not sure how I can Help??? Thanks, Frank

  5. Thank you for the sms . I needed that. . I just got home from working in a jail, wich is hard because I see the consecuenses of unjust laws in owr Indigos . I live in a two bedroom house wich is housing five more peolpe due to loosing their jobs . I AM (smile ) the only one that. works .my lights just got cut off, I ve pawned all I can for food ……but some how I feel peace . My project? The healing house , a place were inmates can transition from jail into the community treating the mind, body, and spiritualy at the same time .with all the support they need . Thank you …….Namaste .

  6. Hope, I admire your work and integrity and I am ready to be a part of it and help in any ways can! Lots of BLESSINGS!

  7. Thank you for all the wonderful support you have been putting into place to assist the changes that are now coming in. What wonderful BEing and DOing.

    Much love and heaps of hugs all round.

    ♥ Mamma G ♥

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