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We are stepping up to do the Job that only WE THE PEOPLE can do to change the real problems on our planet. Announcing the “Fix the World: Hope For America Tour”

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When governments in the Middle East start to topple because of a tweet, one begins to understand the power of social media and the power of the people. Never before have we had tools so powerful that a small group with no resources can rally thousands of people together via Twitter to promote an idea (Occupy Wall Street) or protest a government (Egypt). Never before has there been a tool to provide communications in real time.

Never before has everyone been so connected because of technology.

So what does this mean for us? Many of our systems have been failing to provide us with our basic needs as a people. These systems are outdated, cumbersome and move resources through at a snail’s pace. Meanwhile, it is the beautiful people of this planet that have the solutions to our problems. They are coming forward one by one, in groups and movements, organizing, planning and collaborating to take it upon themselves to Fix our World. The governments won’t fix our problems, the elite won’t fix our problems, it is UP TO US.  The power to make real change happens on a massive scale when WE THE PEOPLE commit to take action. It has always been with WE THE PEOPLE. And here is how we can do this.

This is Grassroots on Steroids!

We have the ability to take the power of social media and internet relationships to the grassroots level and change our planet.  The Fix the World Team just finished touring Australia. Because we were willing to travel and tour and meet with the people in person, countless miracles took place. People with viable solutions came out of the woodwork to our meetings and met each other for the first time, exchanged ideas and started the planning process of implementing these ideas. And like we always say, these are planet changing ideas! New energy devices, cures for disease, and ways to heal the land for our sustainability, all came from this trip and will be realized by the masses in the near future as a result of synchronized efforts. All of this occurred because people were first connected through social media, then later connected through grassroots meetings.

Social media combined with grassroots meetings is the conduit to allow everyone to do what they love to do as humans: engage. But although the world is operating more and more as one global community, everyone still relies upon local communities for our bare necessities. The FTW tour is about connecting people at a local level to create the space for planet changing ideas that will benefit communities. And instead of doing it at city hall, FTW is finding success with a combination of online social media marketing and face to face local meetings which all the people have access to.

We can do it better, faster and cheaper if we come together.

Companies and governments waste billions of dollars every year on stuff that doesn’t help a single suffering soul on this planet. Meanwhile the people with the cures, solutions and technology to save, create, cleanse and restore…get ostracized and struggle to find funding. This is insanity and we have the ability to stop this now. The wealth is in the people, we are the value, we have the numbers – there are 7 billion of us! Social media now connects us, crowdfunding provides us the medium to support such projects, and grassroots meetings create the support infrastructure for us to continue our work. To do this, we don’t need trillions of dollars. It is much more affordable than that, especially if the people ban together and crowdfund it. We have met with the project managers, we have seen their budgets. To give you an example, we can heal almost every disease in the world for a fraction of what some sports team spends on their advertising budget.

FTW has worked tirelessly as a front-running, ground level organization to bring these solutions to the people of the world. And we continue to do so in the face of suppression, corruption, and lack of appropriate resources. Why? Because the world is changing and we are helping to make this change possible on the level where it really counts – with WE THE PEOPLE.

The Fix the World Hope for America Tour


  • We will be activating our Crowdfunding platform to get our planet changing projects presented, promoted and funded by the people.
  • We will hold FTW community meetings in several locations throughout America.
  • We will be meeting and partnering with a US State Senator who avidly works for the true benefit of the people and supports the FTW mission to free our planet.
  • We will be co-hosting and broadcasting a livestream video event to thousands, promoting FTW and the projects to help the people at the Atlantis Convention in Sarasota Florida.
  • We will be attending the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Boulder Colorado to assist the world’s brightest minds who are trying to bring free energy technology to the world.
  • We will be meeting with Hollywood connections in California to bring them on board and spread awareness of FTW and its planet changing projects.
  • We will be joining the O.P.A.L. tour in California to assist in the presentation of a working free energy device and Free distribution of blueprints for duplication.
  • We will be attending the Ascension Rising Conference in Sedona Arizona to network with key players and thousands of people to bring awareness to FTW and its planet changing projects.
  • We will be holding a very special intensive workshop to educate everyone on how to become a lawful sovereign being.




FTW will hold community meetings in several locations. The purpose of these meetings is to bring community members together who want to change the planet. Calling all project managers with planet changing ideas!! This is your opportunity to meet others in your community, find people to team up with and work together to make these ideas happen! The meeting format consists of a brief presentation, a group activity and an opportunity for open sharing and introductions. These meetings are powerful events that have been enjoyed (and in some cases life changing) for many on our last tour!

Accompanying us on the length of the tour is our partner Shane Chapin from ValiantVentures, genius designer of the FTW platform, CrowdVentures, and Valiant Marketing. Shane will be with us every step of the way to meet with our project managers and assist them in getting their projects onto the platforms where they can be promoted, funded and implemented!

Sept 26th– October 2  Illinois

This will be an intensive work week between FTW and Valiant, our partners and builders of the FTW platform and CrowdVentures platform. This in-person week it critical to activate all the features needed on the FTW platform for effective networking of the people, and also to activate the Crowdventures website so we can get our planet changing projects up on the website and ready for funding.

While in Illinois we will be meeting with a US State Senator who is an avid supporter of FTW. This will help strengthen the relationship we have with this very special and unique public servant who is completely dedicated to working for the people to help make positive change in our society. FTW is looking to partner with the Senator and assist in some incredible projects to help the underserved people of Illinois in starting their own small businesses so that they can be sustained by their own efforts.

October 3-8 Sarasota Florida

HopeGirl of FTW will be Co-Hosting the live stream even for the Return to Atlantis Conference with Chris Hales of the One Peoples Oneness radio shows, Gregg Prescott of in5D events and Helane Lipson of Sovereign Media. This gathering of incredible guest speakers is an amazing opportunity to spread the word about what FTW is doing and gain support of some important key players in the new paradigm. HopeGirl will be speaking about FTW to all of the attendees at the Conference and broadcasting awareness of FTW to thousands of listeners on the live webstream which will be running for the entire length of the conference. Guest speakers at this event are: Lisa Renee, Teal Scott, Laura Eisenhower, Dr. Dream, Tom Lescher and Andrew Bartzis. Click here for more details http://in5devents.com/in5d-return-to-atlantis-conference-2013/

October 11-16 Boulder Colorado

FTW will be meeting up with several of our partners and fellow inventors of free energy devices at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference. This event is designed to focus on the full scope of Breakthrough Energy Technologies and has over 30 speakers that represent some of the brightest minds in the field. The networking, connections and resources to be acquired at this conference are essential to help assist the people of this planet who are working around the clock to bring free energy to the world. Here is a link to the conference: http://globalbem.com/program-2013/
October 17th-23 Mt. Shasta California

FTW will be meeting with our partner Deborah Ariel Pietsch, a Transformational Media Producer, Clairvoyant, Channel, Activator, Global Leader of the New Paradigm, Host of TV & Radio Shows and Paradigm Shifter! Deborah is holding an important meeting in Mt. Shasta with a large group of her influential contacts from the world of Hollywood and Transformational Media. The planet is changing, the people are bringing it about, and its time for Hollywood to get on-board with FTW to help spread the word and awareness of the mission we hold for all of us.


October 25-November 1 Los Angeles California

FTW will be teaming up with our friends and partners on the O.P.A.L tour. This tour will be Network and connect the multitude of individuals and groups around the Country who are currently working in insolation on technologies and concepts to take us into a new paradigm of living. The most exciting part of this tour is that the O.P.A.L crew has secured a working model of a water powered generator and will be freely sharing ALL the necessary information for anyone to duplicate on the road. This energy device can also be extended to convert vehicles to run on water, and the information for this will also be distributed in the same fashion. You can only imagine what this sort of thing means for all of us, and FTW wants to be there to help use our network and resources to get this much needed technology straight to the people.  For more information on the O.P.A.L. tour click here http://www.5dmedianetwork.com/opal-tour-2/


November 1-8 Sedona Arizona
FTW will be visiting with our partners at the Ascension Rising Conference to network with more Key players and bring more awareness of FTW and our planet changing projects to the people. Guest speakers at the conference are sure to bring a great crowd of planet changers and include: Laura M. Eisenhower, James Gilliland, Dr.  Dream, Celeste Yarnall Ph.D, Lynne D. Kitei M.D., Sierra Neblina, Sean Kehoe, Jeri Castranova Ph.D, Don Daniels, Cynthia Olivera de Kapp, Richard Mortiz, Amalia Camateros N.D., Brian Kelly and Itasha. For more information on the conference click here http://galacticu.com/live.html

FTW Community Meeting in Sedona Arizona


FTW will be holding a very special intensive workshop in Sedona Arizona to help educate anyone who wishes to become a Sovereign Being. Currently a huge amount of time and energy by many is being put into the creation of an independent educational program. We feel this is a vital step for the future of humanity and our freedom. This information will be easy to access and simple to understand. There will be a very clear process that when followed carefully and precisely you will be a Sovereign being, Lord of the Manor.

Donations and Sponsorships Requested!


It is evident from our success and momentum in the past that a crowd can step in with a solution to a local problem and fund it. We need your help to make this happen. Please consider donating to help us reach our goal for this important tour that could do so much good for all of the people and planet changing projects that are depending on us to make this happen.

We would also like to ask any of our partnering organizations or other organizations that are in alignment with helping the planet and the people if you would be willing to sponsor part or all of the tour. We are doing the work and the traveling, and would be more than happy to help spread awareness of your organization at this essential face to face grassroots level. This is word of mouth, which is the most powerful way to get the awareness and support that you need. If you are interested in sponsorship please email HopeGirl directly at Hopegirl587@gmail.com and put “Interested in sponsoring the FTW Hope for America Tour” in the subject line.

GOAL Funding Amount: $40,000 to be raised in 3 weeks with essential milestones we need to reach.


A full detailed budget of expenses is listed below. The funding will be used for travel, food, accommodations, laptops, conference fees and financial assistance to those who will be on the road without pay for a month doing the work that is needed for the people.

Milestones and Deadines for Funding:

Milestone ONE: If we raise a total of $4,000  by October 30th  we can cover the Illinois and Tampa portion of the trip.
Milestone TWO: If we raise a total of $14,600 by October 7th we can cover the Colorado and Mt. Shasta portion of the trip.
Milestone THREE: If we raise a total of $24,600 by October 13th  we can cover the LA portion of the trip.
Milestone FOUR: If we raise a total of $40,000 by October 17th we can cover the Sedona Arizona portion of the trip.

For a Full breakdown of budget expenses please visit our go fund me campaign. And thank you so much for helping us make this happen! We cant do it without you!






About hopegirl2012

Naima Feagin (HopeGirl) holds an MBA and a variety of business experience in corporate and government finance and small business entrepreneurship. In 2012, she left the corporate world to build an online business through blogging, marketing, teaching and a passion for humanitarian projects. In 2014 her stepfather designed and open sourced a free energy generator prototype. She traveled around the world building free energy prototypes and growing her online business. This is also when she met her partner Tivon. She has played a large role as a public spokesperson for her family’s free energy project. Hope and Tivon also sponsor a local community center for women and children. They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco.


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