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The People’s Fund to Change the Planet is intended to be the biggest crowdfunding campaign in history.  For a full overview of the fund please click here. The intent is to raise one billion dollars over the next year to fund: 1)      One Law Project that is well organized and enforceable, to enable the reclamation … Continue reading

QEG Update 2

We must surely be on the verge of our Golden Age if I’m writing this update for all to see! We are not afraid of suppression and oppression, although we thank the many souls who are concerned for us (keep holding us in the LIGHT!). We are not in fear or doubt, are not covert … Continue reading

THE PEOPLE want the killing to stop!!

WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! PLEASE CONSIDER CONTRIBUTING TO THE NATURALLY BETTER CAMPAIGN HERE SO THAT MORE NATURAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS WILL BE SUPPORTED IN THE NEW PARADIGM ON EARTH! What do Big Pharma, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), United States Dietary Association (USDA) and Monsanto have in common? Well yes, they are either government agencies … Continue reading

Update on FTW Hope For America Tour

I am pleased to share with all of you, yet another story of how the abundance of the universe, combined with some practical 3D maneuvering, has brought the mission of Fixing our World to a whole new level. As is shown on our Crowdfunding campaign for the Fix the World Hope For America Tour, we … Continue reading

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