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Practical Free Energy with “Allegedly Dave”. Episode 5 The Peoples Free Energy Show

On this weeks show we have “Allegedly Dave” Free Energy Enthusiast and builder who shares his experiences working with the QEG in both Morocco and the UK and gives us a fabulous presentation on Practical Free Energy. Talked about in the show: Earth Batteries, Antennae’s, radiant energy, Bedini motors, and why some MIT graduates can’t … Continue reading


My question to you humanity is: How much do YOU want free energy? We wanted it bad enough to do something about. Enough to put ourselves on the front line to do the kind of work that no one else will do. And we certainly have paid the price.  We have experienced the same kind … Continue reading

Fix The World Is Now Accepting Bitcoin

        The Fix the World Organization can now easily start accepting payments from customers that use Bitcoin, an independent, government-less currency. Donations made using Bitcoin will help us grow our organization and implement planet changing projects like free energy opensourcing research and development.. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is an Internet-based system of … Continue reading

Free Energy Politics the People Need to Know. The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 2.

This show will help all those interested in free energy to understand what goes on in this unique industry behind the scenes. This is an expose into the secrets and the underbelly of the free energy world with tips on how we can use the new paradigm business model to overcome the nonsense that’s holding … Continue reading

Debut! The Peoples Free Energy Show! Tivon Rivers Space Visuals Engineer.

Introducing a brand new show coming to you every other week on Wednesdays at 8PM EST on Fix The World TV! Visit Fix the World TV at http://fixtheworld.podbean.com/ THIS SHOW IS VIDEO FOOTAGE PRODUCED LIVE IN PERSON OR VIA SKYPE FROM THE FIX THE WORLD HEADQUARTERS IN MOROCCO. There are at least 60 QEG’s currently being … Continue reading


There’s lots to update everyone on; October is going to be a big month for the FTW! Covered in this update: -FTW is expanding and launching three new projects this month -FTW is moving to set up our headquarters in Morocco -Updates to FTW Business Plan coming soon -Work continues on the QEG Project   … Continue reading

Expose Free Energy Interview brought to you through the Divine Feminine with HopeGirl, India Irie, and Kami B.

Free Energy has been predominantly a man’s industry, but the energy itself focuses on feminine characteristics.  Its time we had some women talking about this to bring the balance back into focus so that we can bring this much needed resource through for ALL of humanity. This is an exclusive inside look into the free … Continue reading

QEG Project Updates and Transformations

We are excited to tell you about the great progress we have been making with the QEG project!  First, we need to express that WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO DO IS NOT EASY!  Between the technical work that James is trying to do, and the intense travel schedule, and providing the most detailed and transparent … Continue reading

Opensourced : Latest Discoveries in QEG Technology

This post contains important information that many have been waiting for. To help communicate it to as wide an audience as possible, we’ve divided it into 4 parts: 1) A perspective of what is going on around the planet at this time regarding the teams working on the QEG. 2) An explanation of our findings … Continue reading

Let’s Get Ready for What’s Coming! The FTW FREE QEG CICU Certification Course.

  The final completion of self-running on the QEG will bring about a major change for many who have been following its development. This time is almost upon us, and we at FTW want to make sure that The People are ready for whats coming! We’ve seen a lot in the last 10 months. The … Continue reading

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