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“I’m Standing on a Free Energy Device and I’m Ready to Flip the Switch!”: Several Major Updates from HopeGirl and the Fix the World Organization January 2014.


Are you ready for something real? It’s been a while since I have written a blog post of this magnitude. So much has occurred in the last couple of months… but more importantly SO MUCH MORE is about to occur in the very near future! This is NOT another prophetic prediction to add to the pile of unfolding mystical events (there are plenty of people who are much more qualified to present that perspective). Rather, the purpose of this major update is to openly communicate to you, my beloved humanity, the monumental breakthroughs that are now upon us, and to fully disclose our intended plans for the exciting things we have coming your way over the next few months.

There are Seven Important Updates Included in this Post:

1) Free Energy Device- (QEG) – I am here with the device in person and ready to flip the switch!

2) The Peoples Fund to Change the Planet– although we’ve had a slight delay, the fund is getting ready to explode!

3) HopeGirl to Participate in Financial Truth Movement Conference in February

4) HopeGirl to Join the soon to be launched New Earth Nation!

5) Announcing the “Truth Storm Series.” Are you tired of feeling confused? This collection of practical, powerful, no-nonsense talks by HopeGirl will help you sharpen your discernment and find clarity, peace and personal certainty in a world filled with disinformation and confusing psycho babble.

6) Fix the World will soon be offering online New Paradigm Business Courses!

7) HopeGirl World Tour in the Spring: Morocco, South Africa, China, Australia and more! Offering workshops, key note speaking engagements, free energy device – local production set up, and humanitarian project consulting. Now taking bookings!

hope picBut first, I would like to take this opportunity to share my story because I feel that it is important for all of you to know more about the type of person that has dedicated her life to bringing these changes to all of you.

I consider myself to be a “New Paradigm Business Consultant” and a die-hard humanitarian. This is my endeavor to combine my many years of higher education and professional experience with the need to change the way we do business, so that it serves humanity and the highest good. I invested over 10 years of my life in high level training for the business world, but I do not wish to serve the masters of corporate domination and control. Rather, I want to dedicate all of the skills I’ve acquired to contribute to the end the suffering of the people on this planet.

I speak with many different people every day. I work with high level business executives as well as highly spiritual people. I recognize that both types of perspectives must work together. I am a liaison between the two types, and although the majority of my work resides in the physical business world, I am a spiritual person who is focused on creating tangible results that people can view as evidence of progress and change.

Having spent most of my early childhood raised by a single mom in Brooklyn NY, we lived slightly above the poverty line and I learned what it meant to work hard and earn a living from an early age. I grew up in this system. I followed all of its rules. I had my first job at the age of 15 and have worked full time ever since. Because of my need to earn a living in this system and my fervent attitude of taking life by the horns, I held many jobs over the course of 20 years. I was a home health aide, a waitress, a security guard, an advertising saleswoman, a dance teacher, and events manager, an actress, a professional singer, an intern, a director and a producer. At times I worked two full time jobs at nearly 80 hours a week (and still didn’t have enough to pay my bills). Then I became a small business owner. After this, I went back to school (while working full time) and earned my MBA with additional coursework in Wallstreet training and Project Management.

Shortly after, I became an Assistant Budget Director for a budget of $810 million per year for the New York State Government. Then I landed what I thought was “my dream job” in a billion dollar consulting firm in Boston as a Financial Analyst working primarily with Investment Banks. This dream job became the nightmare job that caused me to wake up to the corruption I personally witnessed. It was also the choice point that woke up my soul and put me on the path I now walk as HopeGirl.

I had access to the books, I saw the corruption, I saw people getting hurt. My conscience and moral code would not allow me to stay silent and facilitate this corruption knowingly. So I risked my income and my financial security and became a whistleblower. Naïve at the time, I did not know just who or what I was up against. I went through 6 months of corporate cabal interrogative hell before they finally beat me down and I lost my job.

The internal department audacities that I personally witnessed through this time were a profound experience that gave me an insatiable hunger to research the truth behind the corporate lies. I spent 3 solid months watching every documentary and reading every book I could get my hands on. One topic led to another, finance led to corporate control, which led to suppression of technology, suppression of cures for cancer, and on and on. I knew it was truth, because I recognized the frequency of it, having personally experienced it. I recognized the overall global agenda by studying the mountains of data, analyzing it and looking for patterns. After all, I am a financial analyst, and that’s what my brain is wired to do.

I grew up in this system. I worked hard. I sacrificed. I went above and beyond. I never gave up. I followed all the rules and then I discovered the game was rigged. This lit within me a burning desire to right all these wrongs.

I feel the people of this planet suffering because I’ve suffered alongside all of you. I see the people struggling because I struggled alongside all of you. I am one of you, we are all part of the family of humanity, and this family deserves better than what we’ve had to endure.

For all the evil and corruption I’ve witnessed, I’ve seen so much MORE GOOD in this world. It’s been close to two years since my extraction from the corporate world, and in this time I made a personal connection with thousands of souls who share the same heart and desire to change this planet. I was amazed when my very first blog post went viral and I received so much response. I was astounded when 300 people from 37 countries sent in their essays for how they wanted to fix our world. I was overjoyed when we made a documentary film that soon went viral after YouTube tried to take it down. I took incredible delight in writing the New Paradigm Business Model based on all my research and learning lessons from “what not to do” in the corrupt business world. Soon after, I formed the Fix the World Organization (FTW), with the help of many dedicated volunteers whom I consider to be my soul family members. Our organization grew and we quickly partnered with over 40 other like-minded organizations, and accumulated plans for over 60 planet changing projects.

My inbox became flooded with contacts and solutions that could help the suffering people on this planet. I had to take it a step further and travel to investigate. I wanted to go out into the world, find these people that had these solutions and bring them directly to humanity. In the last year alone I’ve met with doctors that have cured thousands of terminally ill people with suppressed innovations in healing technology. I’ve met inventors that have free energy devices that could solve the world’s dependence on fossil fuel, and bring electricity to villages with no power. I’ve met environmentalists with suppressed solutions for cleaning up nuclear waste and purifying drinking water. I’ve met farmers with innovations that could heal the barren soils of the planet and feed the whole world non-toxic food. I never would have met all these people if I was sitting in a cubicle in corporate America, and therefore I never would be in a position to bring these solutions to the suffering people of this world that need them the most.

If I learned one thing through these last two years, it is this: THE POWER IS IN THE PEOPLE. I am only one woman with an unyielding mission and enough courage to volunteer for this job of absolute service to humanity. It is YOU, the people who are my employers. In my heart it always was, and always will be THE PEOPLE for which I have dedicated my life to help. I know that I stand on the shoulders of the giants of my fellow humanity.

When I was in the corporate world, business decisions were made behind closed doors that destroyed people’s lives. The people’s voices were never heard. Because of this, I have made it my mission to ensure that the people are always brought to the forefront of every conversation I am involved in.

We live in a world of extreme perspectives, egoic battles and spiritual mayhem. There is too much talking and philosophizing, and not enough action. As a result, there are a lot of very confused well intentioned people out there that can’t seem to move forward.
The time for talking is over. 2014 is a year of action. It’s time to start doing the work, and doing it through action that occurs in a clear, organized manner. After all, look at the system we are up against! Do we think that the “powers that were” sit around and philosophize in a heated debate of differing perspectives and never get around to taking action? Action is the only thing that matters (as in, turns into matter). You better believe these guys put their differences of opinions aside and focus on organizing a direct action. I’ll bet they have budgets, projections and business plans for their pedophile rings!

I’ve been asked many times for my perspective or opinion on a number of subject matters. I will tell you that my answers to most of these questions are heavily influenced by the following facts:

1) Who are you listening to?
2) What results do they have in their life?
3) How does this directly create real change that makes a difference for others? (aka, show me how this can feed the starving children).

FTW has been doing the work, initiating the actions and creating the results all along. We’ve accomplished gargantuan feats on severely underfunded budgets, and helped change many lives for the better. We are now about to take a quantum leap forward, all with the assistance of the power of the people that we are here to serve.

Admittedly, things have not always been easy for FTW. We are a small organization that runs completely on the efforts of volunteers. And though we will never give up trying, we do not yet have any major funders. All of our accomplishments thus far have been made possible by crowdfunding efforts and from small donations from people that support this work. There have been times when we did not raise enough money to complete a task, and as a result a deadline was missed, a trip was cancelled or a project was delayed. And of course, because we are an organization whose only purpose is to help humanity break free from the clutches of corporate government domination and control, we’ve had our fair share of trolls and negative experiences.

I personally have had a handful of people this year alone attempt to tell me to “stop being HopeGirl and shut down the Fix the World Organization,” but I pay them no mind. I have seen what the broken system has to offer as an alternative and quite frankly, I say No Thanks! What the system doesn’t seem to realize is that since I was raised slightly above the poverty level, I’ve developed incredible coping skills and I know how to do things on little or no money, so that won’t stop me (silly system, don’t you realize how creative poor people will become?) Also, I’ve been told “NO” so many times in my life that I have lost count, yet I still have always found a way to breakthrough in spite of the naysayers. As necessity is the mother of invention, it has always been in my character is find an alternative, a work around, a way over, or a way under to make sure that people have what they need.

Honest Observations

Working with so many different groups of people and perspectives isn’t always easy. I have a moral code that I strive to adhere to that is clearly outlined in the core values of the FTW new paradigm business model. There have been times in this past year where that moral code was tested and I had to remove my energy from some of the belief systems of others in order to maintain the integrity of the mission that I am on. To give you one example of this, I’ve noticed that there can sometimes be a lot of philosophizing which can drain our energy and distract us from accomplishing any real change or progress.

So while I’ve had many relationships with many different people and their complex perspectives on this journey, I cannot speak for them or their experiences. I can only speak for myself when I say this:

I am HopeGirl. I stand independently as a sovereign being with a mission dedicated to helping the people. I am a woman of action and results. Last year I wrote a book, made a movie, formed an organization, designed 4 websites, wrote a new business model, hosted radio shows, spoke at conferences, went on tour, and raised $60,000 in crowdfunding. My personal top priority is to do whatever needs to be done to see that the average suffering person gets some real help and experiences some tangible change. Anything that falls short of this or distracts from the real results of this goal is unacceptable. I know that I am far from perfect and we all make mistakes that we need to learn from. I’ve made plenty of them, and I’ve had to learn from them. This is how our experiences are a valuable asset to our own intelligence. Fantasies, theories, drama and glamor will not get the job done. I am who I AM, I think the way I do, and I get the results I do because of the many years I have invested in my professional training, and because I do the work that needs to be done.

Free Energy Device- (QEG) – I am here with the device in person and ready to flip the switch!


Four months ago, FTW boldly went where many have tried to go before. We embarked on a mission to create a free energy device that will be distributed directly to the people. We call this device the Quantum Energy Generator, or QEG (as a household name we pronounce it qweege and hope it catches on. I’m qweegin! Are you qweegin?) I am now here, living on the property where the QEG is being assembled, observing its progress. It is almost complete, and we will soon be flipping the switch that can change the world.

If by chance you have a preconceived notion that this device is some sort of jerry rigged contraption held together by tin foil, garbage ties and duct tape that can light up a lightbulb for ten minutes, you are sorely mistaken.

The QEG is a crisp, clean, and modern device based on Tesla’s public domain design and built with incredible engineering precision (for example it has over 300 precision cut steel plates each at 18 ½ 1,000ths of an inch thick). The QEG is portable, the size of an average home generator, can easily hook up to your existing electrical system, and weighs approximately 120 pounds. The QEG can power your entire home, several of them can power anything from a skyscraper to a cruise ship, and you will never have to pay an electric bill ever again.

Let’s take this a step further and think about the millions of people in our world that live without a source of power. No refrigeration to store food. No power to purify their drinking water. No power to give them access to the internet or communications with the rest of the world. No power to create and store medicines that could save their lives. How could the QEG change their lives?

The inventor of the QEG is my stepfather James Robitaille. He has been one of the top electronics engineer for a major electric motor manufacturer in the United States for 26 years. He holds 11 patents, and his recent work for the Honda Corporation has won him international acclaim. He is one of the kindest, humblest and most generous men I have ever known. He is a highly spiritual man who started receiving ‘downloads of information’ on how to build a device that could generate power on its own. He is a self-taught genius whose greatest intention is to use his skills to create a device and give it to the people that need it.

Four months ago we crowdfunded the building of the QEG prototype. The interest was so high it was overfunded by 230%! Parts were ordered and the process of building it began. We’ve posted QEG updates on the HopeGirl Blog and the campaign to keep all the beautiful people who donated updated on progress. We received hundreds of letters and requests for more information from around the world. To help field these requests, we created a filtering system for consulting with serious inquiries only during the development process.

It is important to mention that we have a strict moral code in place for the development and distribution of the QEG that is based on the Core Values of Fix the World Organization, and how we plan to do business according to the New Paradigm Model. With all the attention, I had to go on “Ego Patrol” to ensure the following:

  • Greed, overgrown egos, and attempts for personal gain and discord will not infiltrate the sacred business space around the QEG.
  • Those working with and around the QEG are people that exhibit the right characteristics (such as humility, and attitude of bestowal, a love for humanity.
  • This QEG will go directly to the people that need it most through a cottage industry grassroots method.
  • The QEG will not be confiscated by the clutches of any corporate government systems.

What you need to know is that the QEG really isn’t that much different from the other 70,000 (or more) attempts at creating a free energy device (at least that’s how many free energy device patents have been confiscated by the US government under the threat of “National Security”). And yes, many of these devices are real, they work! But until the average person such as your neighbor has one running the lights in their home, they aren’t real in a way that matters to humanity and nothing has changed.

So what makes the QEG any different? It’s really so simple it’s kind of silly. The low-vibration human behaviors of greed, ego, fear, stupidity and ulterior motives can be blamed for 99% of the free energy failures to date. We have taken painful steps to ensure these negative behaviors are completely rooted out of the new paradigm business environment we have created around this precious device for humanity. We have the right people behind this. We have the right heart. We have the right spirit. And we have formed a sacred energetic sphere of the highest Divine protection around the device, the family that is creating it, and the property that it is on.

So far we have created contracted agreements for local grassroots distribution to individuals and communities in the following countries: China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, United Kingdom, Oman, Lebanon, United States and other countries now coming on board. We have developed critical relationships with members of the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, who have said “don’t worry, if for some reason it doesn’t work, we will come over there and help you make it work.” Our plans are to travel to these local communities, teach them how to build these devices for themselves in small local workshops with teams of their own engineers, and open source the plans and complete instruction manual. Of course it should only be a skilled professional engineer that should build these devices. After all, this does sort of fit into the category of “rocket science.”

We have also been brainstorming some ideas for humanitarian campaigns to help raise the funds to build QEGs for some of the poorest communities on the planet. “Free energy” means the energy the QEG provides is free. It does not mean the device is free, as they cost several thousands of dollars to build.

While the feats of what we have (and are about to) accomplish are monumental, it is important that you all know some things. We are like so many other hard working American families trying to make ends meet. The love we have for each other, and the love we share for our fellow humanity, is the biggest wealth we have, and we always give openly and freely to help others in need. In the middle of QEG development, my parents discovered their water supply was contaminated from the hydrofracking happening on the property they were renting. As a result, they had to move their home and the entire QEG operation to a new location. At the time they didn’t know if they could afford the move, or if that new home even existed, but God provided a miracle and they found a new home just in time to escape any deleterious health impacts from the fracking. This move took all of the savings they had. And the QEG inventor James, while now retired, has gone back to working part time as a consultant with his old company in order to earn enough money to get by. His endurance and dedication to complete the QEG for humanity has brought tears to my eyes on many occasions. Last night it was -1 degree Fahrenheit. James was out in the lab working on the QEG till 4am in the morning and freezing due to the inadequacy of kerosene heaters.

When I stand in that lab, I can feel the magical presence of the QEG. James is anointed to build it, it’s blessed and glowing with hope for the future of our planet. I put my hands on the sleek shiny mechanical parts and I see hundreds of QEGs in villages and towns, providing power to stop suffering and help create abundant happy lives for people in need.

If you would like to take part in helping to co-create this exciting event, we could use some extra support immediately to cover some essentials that we need to make the release of this free energy technology device possible. We cannot do this alone, this is a breakthrough brought to the people, by the love and donations of the people.


We will be releasing a full QEG update along with a video later on this week. We would like to ask all those interested to join us in a group meditation (that will be provided in the video with a designated time) to reinforce and support the mass consciousness that is required around the QEG’s success.


For the protection and safety of our family and the QEG, we will NOT be publically posting the results of flipping the switch, but rather will be communicating these results privately to the email addresses of those who have contributed to either one of our QEG crowdfunding campaigns, and those who have entered into contracted agreements during the QEG development. Plans for distribution, including answers to inquiries regarding pre-orders will commence after January 31.

The Peoples Fund to Change the Planet

Peoples Fund Logo

This fund is a collaborative effort intended to create the resources necessary to implement a strategy of selected projects that will change the paradigm. We have some exciting projects that we are considering for this fund.

One of which is a law fund backed by a results proven international law commission to enforce and protect the rights of any sovereign being from any corporate government or municipality.

Another project is to take a decommissioned cruise ship, turn it into a lawfully and spiritually protected sovereign vessel and put it on international waters. Then fill it with doctors that use suppressed healing technologies to cure thousands of people of terminal illnesses within the protected environment of this vessel. Then the personal testimonies of the patients who have just been healed from supposed “incurable” illnesses can be broadcasted uncensored from the ship to the rest of the world on a continuous live stream.

These are just a couple of the incredible projects that we are looking through while we are setting up this massive funding effort strategy. So far we have received dozens of budgets and project proposals and are still in the process of organizing all of the data. As stated in a previous post, this part of the organizational process consists of about 400-1000 hours of work and we need some financial assistance to help cover the costs of setting this up so that it is done in a way that will be stable, legitimate, and effective.
To further explain the work involved at this time: there are budgets that need to be consolidated, a major disbursement formula that needs to be calculated for all the recipients, agreements that need to be created, project presentations that need to be digitally edited for display to the public (so everyone will have a clear idea of what this fund is for), a full marketing and promotions schedule that needs to be organized, and several other tasks that we need professional skill levels to accomplish.

There are only 4 people working on the startup stages of this fund: HopeGirl (Development and Implementation), Tammy (Finance Admin), Ami (Contracts Admin), and Angela (General Admin).

The fund is planned to be 13 monthly campaigns to total one billion dollars. The first phase of the fund was a month long administrative soft launch to help raise some resources to help support the 400-1000 hours of set up work that needs to be completed. This was launched on December 11th on Indegogo. We did not raise enough funds in this phase to adequately support the work that we are trying to do and this has caused a slight delay in the set up of the Peoples Fund. We’ve made some adjustments to account for this which can be found here on the Peoples fund website: http://thepeoplesfundtochangetheplanet.com

We are still working hard on getting all the pieces in place for the Peoples Fund campaign and have had discussions with some of the administrative members of the New Earth Nation to promote the fund alongside the official hard launch of the New Earth Nation. (which is happening very soon!) If this goes as we would like, the Peoples fund, along with many other incredible incentives and projects to change the planet will be exposed to millions of people. At this point the fund could very well explode with potential and we could all see some real change on this planet. This is why it is imperative that we have as much support as we can at this time for those of us who are doing the essential work to get this ready for what is about to occur. Whether its $5 or $500, every little bit helps.


HopeGirl to Participate in Financial Truth Movement Conference


A very special conference with an incredible line up of well-known financial truth movement experts is in the process of being assembled with a target date of late February. I am honored and thrilled for the opportunity to take part in this conference, and to be able to contribute my skills alongside some of my well known respected colleagues.

Some of the conference goals are to simplify the specific problems of the current system all in one document that can be shared across major media contacts, and to produce a viable model and outlined alternative financial system for all.

This unique assembling of financial truth master minds is the brilliant vision of Robert Potter. We are currently in the planning stages and a formal announcement will be coming out shortly with more details about the conference. Wait till you see just WHO is coming together all in one place to join in on this discussion. It’s going to be incredible!

HopeGirl to Join the soon to be launched New Earth Nation!

new earth logo

If you haven’t heard about this yet, you might want to check out what is about to unfold in our world through the efforts of the New Earth Nation. They are counting down to the official launch of a brand new sovereign nation through an online digital platform.

In the past couple of years I’ve been personally researching for some tangible answers to how humanity can be legitimately and safely freed from the system of corporate government domination and control. Little did I know that there was a global team of geniuses working behind the scenes for the last 15 years to come up with a solution. So far this is one of the most promising plans I’ve seen to date. They have the organizational capacity, the political framework, the master planning, the economic modelling, the breakthrough technologies and the international team to usher this movement into the civilizational mainframe.

To give you an idea of the momentum behind this movement: The New Earth Team consists of 90+ administrators around the world. Top notch economists, an international law commission, spiritual masters, technology experts, the list goes on and on and consists of some of the highest caliber new paradigm people that are on the planet. They currently have 650 square kilometers of land being offered toward the New Earth Nation in over four dozen locations around the globe. At over 200,000 souls strong, this number is expected to grow exponentially in the first year. And they haven’t even officially launched yet!

I’ve had many conversations with several members of the New Earth Administrative team. There are so many exciting details about what they are gearing up to offer. I wish I could share them all with you at this time, but I promised I wouldn’t ruin the surprise. Just know that it’s got the potential to knock your socks off and quite possibly, change the whole world. Yeah. It’s that good.

HopeGirl and FTW intend to offer our services to assist, join, and work alongside the New Earth Nation in any way that we can. We have some collaborative social media campaigns planned that are some of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen. Also, there have been discussions around joining efforts with the Peoples Fund to Change the Planet. There is more to plan, and we are still currently in mid process with most of this. In the meantime, be sure to check out their website: http://www.new-earth-project.org/ and their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/The.New.Earth.Project

Announcing the “Truth Storm Series” By HopeGirl. A collection of common sense talks to help create clarity in a world of confusing psychobabble.

Truth Storm Logo

Let’s face it, 2013 was a pretty tough year for many of us. Let’s make 2014 the year that makes up for the disappointments of the past. If you’re tired of feeling confused, misled, unsure, taken advantage of and robbed of your self-esteem, the Truth Storm Series may be just what you need to get you out of the insanity and back into your own personal power.

Shortly after the latest promissory date of a major event came and went (and yet again absolutely nothing happened), I couldn’t help but tune in to the consciousness of the people on this planet and feel their frustration. It was then that I started receiving downloads of inspiration for a new body of work that I feel will help so many at this time. I’ve been frantically writing down notes ever since and will be releasing the Truth Storm Series, very soon.

This collection of practical, powerful, no-nonsense talks by HopeGirl will help you sharpen your discernment and find clarity, peace and personal certainty in a world filled with disinformation and confusing psychobabble. The pain ends here. Get ready to feel better!

Fix the World Will Soon be offering Online New Paradigm Business Courses

Business Course Logo

We’ll be launching online business courses that are the unlike any business courses you’ve ever seen! We had been hoping to launch these business courses a while ago, but ran into some problems. Due to a lack of funding we could no longer pay for outside maintenance of our website and had to downgrade to a simpler website that we can manage ourselves. (hence the new website) This created an unexpected backlog that we had to work through that took some extra time.

Based on a revolutionary 4th dimensional business model, these online courses blend and balance the practical tools of business with the power of your I AM presence and multi-dimensional energetics.

With a focus on repurposing business practices in the new paradigm, these online courses can help you obtain the tools you need to manifest YOUR business idea into a reality that is supported by a clear energy field.

Some of the topics covered in these courses will be:

  • Clearing your Energy Field for Business Success.
  • History of the Problems of Corruption in Business from the New Paradigm Perspective. Identifying the points of infiltration and re-balancing the energy with a set of core values.
  • Project Management 101: creating a schedule and a budget and why projects fail.
  • Your New Paradigm Business Plan: the 10 questions you need to answer
  • How to Market your Project: the 5 questions you need to answer
  • Law of Attraction Manifestation– clear your field, detox to activate your manifestation abilities
  • The Role of money in the New Paradigm– History of money, Energy of money, understanding the mindset of the investor.
  • Managing Expectations in Co-creative Relationships

These online courses will be available for purchase on the Fix the World Website very soon!

Also, HopeGirl will be available to present these business course concepts in workshops and key note speaking formats. If you are interested in booking HopeGirl for your event, please send a PR request to mediaFTW@hotmail.com

HopeGirl World Tour in the Spring!

world tour

I am currently beginning to book my touring schedule for the spring. So far I’ve gotten some incredible invitations to travel to Morocco in March, South Africa in May, and China, Oman and Australia somewhere in between. I’ll be offering new paradigm business workshops, Key note speaking engagements, Free Energy Device Local production set up, and humanitarian project consulting. If you are interested in booking me for your event, project, organization or community, please send a PR request to mediaFTW@hotmail.com

That’s it for now. Be sure to stay tuned to the HopeGirl blog for a full Update on the QEG in the next few days. Be sure to visit our crowdfunding campaigns for the QEG and the Peoples Fund. And thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your donations that make this all possible.

Remember we are masters of our exsistence. Thusfar we have been masters of limitation. Lets choose the direction we want to go in and go that way without limit. Lets do something unexpected. Lets Fix our World!

Much Love,

About hopegirl2012

Naima Feagin (HopeGirl) holds an MBA and a variety of business experience in corporate and government finance and small business entrepreneurship. In 2012, she left the corporate world to build an online business through blogging, marketing, teaching and a passion for humanitarian projects. In 2014 her stepfather designed and open sourced a free energy generator prototype. She traveled around the world building free energy prototypes and growing her online business. This is also when she met her partner Tivon. She has played a large role as a public spokesperson for her family’s free energy project. Hope and Tivon also sponsor a local community center for women and children. They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco.


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    distribution….I am sending the info to others and this is just all so wonderful!
    Thank you and your dad and everyone involved. You have worked so hard
    HopeGirl! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    Posted by Susie | February 11, 2014, 5:30 pm
  9. HopeGirl, you’ve got it right,I have retired after 44years of university teaching and I’ve been very frustrated with the level of corruption and greed in our society. I have limited my exposure to it. The free energy tech is an interest of mine and I’ve been researching it for several years. I’ve come to the same conclusions as you and I need to be proactive to help others in my life. How can I join your group? I’d like to be part of a group that builds a QED. I live in Toledo around many fine engineers and technicians. Please let me know how I can help.

    Posted by Mike Lorenz | March 27, 2014, 4:26 am
  10. Please send me more info …when you will be taking orders for the QEG

    Posted by Janet Fuller | March 27, 2014, 4:02 pm
  11. I would love to help finance the QEG as free energy is already available, you have a nice business plan and this is more about freeing humanity! Please let us know how we can participate. Free energy is abundant and all about how to gather it and utilize it!

    Posted by Steve Brenner | March 29, 2014, 2:16 am
  12. I’m really interested part of our company is called Chelston Rewinds we service Motors, Staters any kind of electrical device, we also have the electrical installation side of the company which includes our NIC Testing & inspection Department as well as supplying & maintaining electrical generator set & an exhibition company supplying power to exhibitors were they are fed up paying exorbitant mains connections at venues & this can help them. How can I become a national distributer in the Uk.

    Posted by Daniel Thistlethwaite | April 5, 2014, 9:14 am
  13. Hello,

    I want to thank you for what you do for all the people of the world.
    Important is common positive idea that we are all one energy, one soul.
    Human realizes this only when going through a difficult life experience.

    I wish you luck.

    Regards Francis

    Posted by Francis | October 15, 2014, 12:40 pm
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