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Major Breakthrough in Free Energy: Overunity Demonstrated in the QEG

Update to Article. Two New Videos Showing QEG Tuning and power Conversion (April 2016). Converting Power in the QEG (April 2016) Tuning the QEG (April 2016) THESE VIDEOS HAVE MOVED TO OUR MEMBERS AREA WHICH CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://qegfreeenergyacademy.com/qeg-project-videos/ Original post The purpose of this article, the accompanying “QEG Morocco showing Overunity in VARs” … Continue reading

QEG Build in Taiwan

Having worked with Taiwan through all initial developmental stages of the QEG, we were anticipating our first meeting overseas with great joy! What a warm and wonderful welcome we got from our friends and associates, which continued through every bit of the 3 1/2 weeks we were there. This lovely group of engineers and students … Continue reading

QEG 3rd Phase Development: Self-running

We are making history together! Because of the commitment of The People to bypass the usual production nightmare, set up by the powers that be (were), we were able to build the QEG and achieve the overunity phase of development in Morocco! What began with a conversion of 600 Watts into the generator motor to … Continue reading

Show Them The Money! Fix the World QEG Statement of Expenditures Report

  FTW initiated our pilot project; the building and opensourcing of a Quantum Energy Generator, in September of 2013. The purpose of this report is to show transparency in the costs associated with this unique project.  It is our intention for these figures to assist in providing financial knowledge to others who wish to replicate … Continue reading

QEG Morocco Test and Measurement Report Opensourced

We know you have been eagerly and excitedly waiting for data and here it is in template form. We have entered partial QEG Morocco data as an example to show you how you can enter yours using the same form. More data will be submitted from the QEG Morocco build when all present project engineers compile their findings. Once … Continue reading

What it’s like to try to build a Free Energy Device in an Underdeveloped Country

In an attempt to explain our silence for the last month, we wanted to write this short update for Fix the World and the QEG family. We have been in an area in Morocco –an underdeveloped country – building a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) with at least 30 engineers, and a total of about 70 people … Continue reading

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