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2015 HopeGirl, QEG Crowdfunding Campaign Update

crowdfunding campaign
It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the campaign, and  there is so much to share! We’ve been really busy lately preparing lots of new things for FTW and the QEG.

I started this campaign to help assist us in setting up a Fix the World Headquarters in Morocco so that we can expand the work we do in an environment with less restriction. You see for two years now, everything we’ve done has been done on a volunteer basis, and we have depended on the help of hundreds of beautiful people that donate and allow us to keep going.   With the overwhelming attention we received from the opensouring of the QEG, the need to establish a proper business entity really became apparent.

Plane tickets, ordering parts and building free energy machines requires lots of financial transactions in order to take place and the organizing of such transactions can be a lot of work.  In 2015 I really want to do this the right way, which means establishing a business entity that would make things much smoother for us to complete our projects.( For example, we did not have a business entity when we received the QEG core in Morocco, because of this, Morocco customs would not release our core to us for two weeks)

Morocco has some great business start-up programs that are part of their trade agreements with America and other countries. The total cost for setting up an S.A.R.L (which is like an LLC) is a few thousand dollars. This includes consulting fees, licenses, residency requirements, etc.  So far it’s one of the best choices I’ve found given my extensive research with business formations in America  (new regulations and fees make it next to impossible).  I’ve outlined a lot of this comparison in this post.

So that’s why we’re here in Morocco, because we are dedicated to setting up our organization properly so that we can implement humanitarian projects like building free energy devices for people in need. And it’s been quite the journey to get here!  Upon my arrival in Morocco I had three goals:

These goals were:

-Finding a home
-Move the Moroccan QEG to a new location.
-Establish FTW headquarters.

Now that I’ve secured a place to live and successfully moved the QEG, it’s time to get busy with the work of establishing the FTW headquarters and implementing our vision: create a new structure and lay a foundation that will be sustainable and able to support the kinds of projects that we want to do this coming year.

The ‘behind the scenes’ work  includes website maintenance, mailing lists, organizing QEG courses, reporting latest updates, revising our business plan, creating platforms to bring in income and creating valuable content in exchange for that income.  The list is quite extensive, and if you’ll notice, in the last few weeks there has been quite an increase in blog posts on the hopegirl blog. We’ve been busy!!!

Here are some of the accomplishments we have achieved so far:

– Launched two new Internet TV shows: “Fix the World Media”, which covers new humanitarian projects and ideas and “The Peoples Free Energy Show” which provides updates on the QEG builds and other technologies around the world.
– Launched project Kryptos, which provides private phone calls to the masses and helps bring in some income
– Launched FTW TV, our very own subscription based Internet TV channel
– Created and launched a curriculum for online QEG Instructional Courses.

How we do what we have been doing all along:

We create a campaign with an itemized budget that clearly outlines what we need and how much it will cost. When the campaign is funded by the beautiful giving loving people who support us, we then use the money on what we said we needed it for. This is what has allowed us to get as far as we have in the project. We then report back to the people every update, every improvement and every step of progress along the way, including full expense reports.  Building free energy devices on a global scale can be very expensive, and we do not have any major investors or corporations backing us. Yet so far we have achieved so much in our stride to get this out to humanity, and have done so in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the budget of the corporations.

We’ve had quite an uprising of trolling activity against our work ever since the opensourcing of the QEG. This is blatant resistance of a system that is trying to keep free energy from reaching humanity and tearing down the existing power structure. The people that promote this trolling behavior are usually paid by the energy companies and governments to destroy the reputations of those trying to make change. On the other side of this, you have people like us, who are funded by people like you, who are doing the work and going up against the system.

I believe we are at war. A different kind of war, but it is still war. Fighting the energy companies and their tactics is NOT EASY.  They are well funded. We are not.  They never expected crowdfunding, this caught them by surprise!

All through development we have had your support and we remain in service to humanity. We have each other. And out of our love for all of humanity, WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP.  Thank you so much for all of your help, your beautiful letters, and your prayers.


About hopegirl2012

Naima Feagin (HopeGirl) holds an MBA and a variety of business experience in corporate and government finance and small business entrepreneurship. In 2012, she left the corporate world to build an online business through blogging, marketing, teaching and a passion for humanitarian projects. In 2014 her stepfather designed and open sourced a free energy generator prototype. She traveled around the world building free energy prototypes and growing her online business. This is also when she met her partner Tivon. She has played a large role as a public spokesperson for her family’s free energy project. Hope and Tivon also sponsor a local community center for women and children. They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco.


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