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How to Build a Reluctance Generator (QEG) Home Study Course Now Available!

The QEG Beginner’s Build Course was taught live for 10 weeks. The FTW/QEG Team recorded all classes that occurred, edited them, and have made them available to the public to purchase. For a preview of the courses please view and share our video below. Also, become a QEG Affiliate! Help us share this technology while earning money online! By sharing our … Continue reading

How We Can Do Business A Better Way For a New World. FTW New Paradigm Core Values

For 2015, FTW has been doing some heavy admin work to get our organization in top form for ushering in the new paradigm. We’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way, which has resulted in our refreshing update to our organizations core values listed on our website here: http://www.fixtheworldproject.net/core-values.html 1. Natural Law We maintain all … Continue reading


One year’s worth of hands on experience and research is compiled into this FREE 75-page, Anniversary Edition of the QEG Build Manual, revised March 25, 2015. Fix The World and QEG Teams worldwide freely give this build manual to THE PEOPLE OF EARTH who have funded and supported this project in a myriad of ways … Continue reading

SEG, QEG and Conscious Technology with Hope and Fernando Vossa

In this incredible conversation, HopeGirl of the QEG Team, and Vossa from Searl Magnetics and the SEG, join forces to discuss the grassroots nature of these free energy technologies. Also discussed: Free Energy  as it relates to spirituality and healing. Sonic Reiki, using sond and geometry to heal. Haiah Home Project, homes built to heal … Continue reading


QEG Project Expenditures Reports, Test and Measurement Reports, Technical Updates, Distribution Plans and more!  Over the last year of the project, FTW has composed many reports on the QEG with useful information for those following our progress.  As part of a big administration clean up for 2015, we have posted all of our reports in … Continue reading

Co-developing the QEG. What It Means and Why We Are Doing It.

Please Enjoy this video that describes the co-development of the QEG.  If there was only one device, and it reached self-running, it would be easy to control, contain and suppress. If the knowledge of how to build one was kept a secret and not made public, it would be easy to control, contain and suppress. … Continue reading

Learn How to Build a QEG Home Study Course. Last Chance to Buy for Half Price!

Learn how to build an efficient generator to reduce your dependency on the grid in this 10-part home study course. Join engineers around the world in co-development who are learning how to build this generator that, when fully developed, will utilize a different form of energy production to change the way we use and consume … Continue reading

Join Open Discussions On Our New Facebook Group! The Official FTW / QEG Discussion FB Group.

We have created a new Facebook Group that is open for anyone to join and post and engage in healthy discussions to help change our planet. Please Click here to join in the discussion today!   About our Facebook Group: Join our group for interaction with the Fix the World Organization and the Quantum Energy … Continue reading

What you Need to know about Internet Trolls and Clean Energy Debunkers: Governments and Corporations pay them to discredit threats to their industry.

This information has been compiled to help educate the public about the online covert operations currently used to suppress clean energy inventions and protect the energy company’s control over global energy access.  Many reference links and examples are provided for further study. The energy industry is a 600 trillion dollar industry. Any new energy technology … Continue reading

Crystal Pyramid and Scalar Wave Technology. Plus Maui Fights Monsanto Grassroots Movement with Rob Potter

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS INTERVIEW NOW ON FTW TV! In this interview, Hope Girl Interviews Rob Potter who discusses the healing powers of crystal pyramid technology and the harmful effects of current scalar wave technology. Included are the use of implants, HAARP and other assaults on the human form under “The Veil” or matrix … Continue reading

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