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QEG in the Caribbean. Gaudeloupe Has Resonance!

  The “Destination Pirate” is the first mobile Hacker Space in the Caribbean. Created with the aim to modifying if not to change the world! With the help of some technical members, the Destination Pirate has engaged in the construction of the first QEG Caribbean following plans from FIXTHEWORLD, in the footsteps of Tesla. Check … Continue reading

The Top 4 Reasons Why People Give. FTW Members Make a Difference!

Here are The Top 4 Reasons Why People Give: #1 People want to play a role in helping others by giving back or paying it forward. #2 People want to support specific causes like clean energy, healing terminal illness, organic local food, alternative education, environmental cleanup, and human rights. #3 People feel that selfless giving … Continue reading

QEG Workshop in Austria! May 16,17

You are cordially invited to a QEG a workshop in Kuchl Austria! In recent months there have been a number of small groups of technicians working on experimental designs who have built several QEG devices with different technical details. In this workshop, the groups present the current state of development.  We are working together on the QEG. Workshop and … Continue reading

QEG Spanish Introduction Call

The QEG Family has been preparing step by step teaching materials to help engineers around the world learn how to build this unique generator.   Part of this teaching process is the gigantic task of translating all of the teaching materials into different languages. We are beginning here with “QEG Spanish”. This special call with Juan, … Continue reading

News of QEG Goes Main Stream!

Today April 22, 2015 a major news blast regarding free energy, the story of the QEG, Nikola Tesla and Fix the World has made its way onto main stream media websites. Perhaps for the first time, millions of average people will be learning about a grassroots movement where people are building their own energy efficient … Continue reading

Fear of Success, Living in Lack, and How We’ve Been Brainwashed to Resist Money.

    I have come to believe that many people are running a mental program around their thoughts on money that they may not even be aware of.  I also think that this is only partially our fault, and the origins of this program were created to try to control the masses and cause us … Continue reading

If You or a Loved One is Sick You Wont Want to Miss This Weeks Show! FTW Media The Naturally Better Project.

  If you’re sick, or know someone who is, this weeks Fix the World Media show is one that you do not want to miss. Hope Speaks with Dr. Jeremy Ayers from the pain free clinic and India Irie from Expanding U about their “Naturally Better Project” that will help to shift and revolutionize the … Continue reading

Finding Our Way Back to Value

   Is money the root of all evil? Somewhere along the line a lot of us got confused about money and the value it is supposed to represent.   But to be fair, who wouldn’t be confused?  The  Federal Reserve keeps printing money out of thin air while, and the central banks are creating a completely … Continue reading

Comment One, Comment All! Why You Need a Moderator For Happy Reading.

The comment section on any social media platform can be both wonderful and horrible. Just because comment sections exist, some people think that they are a free soapbox on which all opinions, even awful ones,  are given voice and space. I had to shut my comment off for a while until I had the chance … Continue reading

QEG eBook Now On Sale!

FTW and the QEG family is proud to announce the publishing of our first QEG ebook! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for everyone out there who is interested in the QEG!  -Hope How to Build An Energy Efficient & Potentially Fuel-less Generator A 10-week beginner’s course on … Continue reading

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