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Suppressed Engineering Instructions: Now in Chinese. QEG Rosetta Stone Project Meets its First Goal.

FTW is proud to announce the successful translation of the QEG build manual and accompanying 10 week course eBook into Chinese.  The engineering information taught in this material explains a unique form of alternative renewable energy production that has been banned from engineering institutions because of its threat to the energy monopolies that profit from … Continue reading

Introducing the QEG Rosetta Stone Campaign. Breaking Down the Language Barriers to Free Energy

  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE QEG ROSETTA STONE CAMPAIGN ON GOFUNDME   The Fix the World Organization is excited to tell you about our new project: The QEG Rosetta Stone. We want to break down the language barriers and get this important knowledge to the engineers who need it in their own language, and we need … Continue reading

The QEG is a Switched Reluctance Generator. A study that helps de-mystify how the QEG works.

  We wanted to show that the technology behind the QEG is a very real, very practical mechanism. The only reason why it is not well known is because it has been suppressed and underutilized. However, with changing times and the increasing need for alternative forms of energy, the QEG technology is already being employed … Continue reading

QEG Bangladesh!

  Pictures say a thousands words. We were amazed when we saw these pictures of an independent builder in Bangladesh, hand cutting the QEG stators. A full tribute to what it means to work with your hands, to build something that can help others, and the spirit of the people who are taking back their … Continue reading

QEG China

  A group in Dongguan, China has been working on building their QEG and testing to improve their results. We’ve just translated our QEG book into Chinese to help engineers in China to apply all the different experiments to try to bring about the breakthrough in true co-development style.     A quick note from the … Continue reading

Hungary Mini QEG!

Inspired like so many others around the world, a grassroots engineer researcher in Hungary has successfully reached resonance on a miniature QEG design. Let’s hear it for the amazing free energy experimenters in Hungary! Work together, build teams, collaborate and share! This post is part of our “QEG’s Around the World Series” -Highlighting stories from global grassroots … Continue reading

QEG GREECE! Introducing Odyssevs Ellas

With amazing resourcefulness, and a passion like we’ve never seen, The Odyssevs project in Ellas Greece is building their QEG from the ground up with an impeccable level of care and higher consciousness. Odyssevs is a group of currently sixteen simple residents of Chania Crete and two from Athens plus a humanitarian group called Peace … Continue reading

FTW Giving Report for April

Because of the help of generous people like you, FTW has been able to fund several people in need this month through Kiva, we are happy to share their stories with you in this monthly report. If you would like to make a one time or recurring donation to Fix the World you can do … Continue reading

QEG Japan. Mini QEG Has Resonance!

For those who’re interested in researching QEG technology with a smaller version of the QEG…Japan has mini resonance ! Thank you to Leung-san of Japan for sharing your QEG videos and research! Your project of the smaller QEG looks very promising. Especially because of its size and lower costs, it makes it possible for more people … Continue reading

QEG Resonance Binaural Beat Daily Affirmation Meditation to help Fix Our World. Free Download!

Daily meditation can change your life. Your words and thoughts manifest to create your reality. Why not take a moment to form the life and world you want through a daily meditation? I’ve created this daily meditation for anyone to use to help set your positive intentions and take charge over creating your own life … Continue reading

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