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Introducing the QEG Rosetta Stone Campaign. Breaking Down the Language Barriers to Free Energy




The Fix the World Organization is excited to tell you about our new project: The QEG Rosetta Stone. We want to break down the language barriers and get this important knowledge to the engineers who need it in their own language, and we need your help!

A Little Background Behind The Project (for the entire story go HERE): Two years ago, our family started out looking for ways to get off the grid and supply our own energy. With the help of THE PEOPLE who are like-minded, people wanting to stop paying through the nose for every drop of energy they use on a planet they were born on, my stepfather James (engineer with several patents and over 30 years in the electronics industry), began designing a unique kind of energy device known as a switch reluctance motor that is 80% efficient. We call this device the QEG, or quantum energy generator. Because we have learned so much  about these unique devices we decided to write up the plans and give them away on the Internet. As far as we knew, distributing plans like these to the public for FREE had never been done before. That was back in March 2014.

So we built our first QEG and helped others interested in building; over 200,000 people downloaded these plans in 2014 alone!

And many thousands have written to us to tell us how much they love our approach of opening it up for development. We have traveled to several countries, have communicated with engineers globally, and have built QEG’s with those teams that wanted to learn about this technology. Then over the next year, QEG’s and versions of QEG innovations started to pop up all over the place (see the video for examples – these are just a few, there are close to 100 of them in approximately 30 countries).

In 2015, and due to the influx of email and interest, we decided to put all of our research and experiments into a 10 week course. The course was well attended with dozens of students from all over the world, but we still needed to do more to  get this information out, so on our one year anniversary on March 25th 2015,  we published an updated, more robust (still FREE!) manual complete with an entire year of hands on research and findings. (Go HERE to download the 75-page QEG Build Manual – Anniversary Edition.)

At this point we’ve got teams all over the world interested in learning and building this technology. We needed to do even more to get this information out to help those that need it the most. So we condensed the entire 10 week course into an eBook that is filled with all the practical information engineers need about this form of technology, and apply it to the QEG and many other devices that are similar. THERE REALLY IS NO OTHER BOOK OUT THERE LIKE IT: 252 pages loaded with details, schematics, diagrams, photos, step by step instructions, and a full professional CAD package!

The QEG is a Switched Reluctance Generator: How it Works

srg 5

The technology behind the QEG is a very real, very practical mechanism. The only reason it is not well known is because it has been suppressed and underutilized. However, with changing times and the increasing need for alternative forms of energy, this technology is already being employed in major motor manufacturing companies and is slated to dominate the renewable energy industry in the future despite newer technologies that are coming out. This is because of its simple construction and low manufacturing costs. Please click the following link for a study that provides more background information: https://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/t…

OUR Plan for the QEG Rosetta Stone Project:

We’ve teamed up with an amazing professional engineering translation team that can translate the QEG eBook, the free updated anniversary edition manual, and any marketing materials in an incredibly fast amount of time. They will translate and collate all these materials into any language we need for $1,066 each language. Our goal is to translate into 10 languages for a total of $10,000.

Project Budget Justification:

We have a professional translation team that has quoted $5 for every 150 words. The open sourced manual and the QEG instructional eBook is over 25,000 words.

Estimated Cost per language translation = $1,066

Translation/collation of manual and QEG EBook: $1066
Translation of additional promotional materials: $0.00 (gratis)

10 Language Translations at $1,066 each = $10,660

Go Fund Me and Merchant Fees = $1070


As we reach our goal in $1,066 increments, we will instruct our translation team to begin the work for each of these 10 languages in the following order:

1) Chinese
2) Spanish
3) Italian
4) Greek
5) French
6) Japanese
7) Russian
8) German
9) Hindi
10) Arabic

As each translation job is complete and the materials are available we will post them here on our website so that you can follow along and track the progress of this important project. LINK: QEG Rosetta Stone Project

Here’s the best part….we’ve set up a perk in our campaign that for every $50 contributed you will get a copy of the translated book AND we will donate a copy of our book to an engineer in an impoverished area of the world in their language. Whether rich or poor, all will have access to this knowledge so that the local engineers, electricians and mechanics can learn how this energy works, and end the 130 year suppression and oppression begun by the big energy/oil tycoons.

This is a humanitarian project to help spread important knowledge of engineering to people all over the world in their own language. We believe so much in trying to get this information out to the world in as many languages as we can that we have already ambitiously begun the work for translating this material into the first language: Chinese, and our translating team has done a fantastic job!

If you want to make a difference, this is your chance to help us spread this information at the grassroots level and put it into the hands of the engineers that can help build a clean energy future for all of us. Because of your help, engineers in other countries that do not speak English will have an entire world of knowledge opened up to them. And they can use that knowledge to build a better world for their families and their communities.

Thousands of patents are suppressed by the governments and we don’t have an energy crisis, we have a suppression of clean technology crisis! We can set the example for others to open source and share their technologies in this manner. After all, a rising tide lifts all ships; where governments and corporations have failed, it’s time the people take the knowledge and the power back into their own hands.

We’ve done all the work, have all the platforms and distribution networks set up, all we need now is your support to help us cover the translation costs. Please be sure to read through our campaign for lots more details about the project and donate if you can. Also please share on twitter, facebook and your other networks!

Check out our different perks!

Any Amount Support the Cause
You can contribute any amount you like, large or small. Every little bit helps!

$50 Get a Book / Give a Book
For all contributions in the amount of $50 or above, we will send you a copy of the QEG eBook in any of the languages from our list. We will also donate one book to someone who cannot afford one in their native language to help spread this knowledge for the future of their community at the grass roots level.

Other perks in incremental amounts:
$100 Get a Book /Give 3 Books

$150 Get a Book / Give 5 Books
$200 Get a Book / Give 7 Books
$500 Get a Book / Give 20 Books

$1,066 Fund an Entire Language!
With a $1,066 contribution you can fund an entire language. You can choose any of the ten languages from our list, or if you would like a language that is not on our list, please specify which language you would like the book translated into. Our translation team is able to translate into any language!

Updates to translations funded and # of books donated to people in need will be tracked on our tracking page, as well as posted on social media and in email campaign updates.

Thank you so much for helping us make this happen!
-The Fix the World/QEG Team


About hopegirl2012

Naima Feagin (HopeGirl) holds an MBA and a variety of business experience in corporate and government finance and small business entrepreneurship. In 2012, she left the corporate world to build an online business through blogging, marketing, teaching and a passion for humanitarian projects. In 2014 her stepfather designed and open sourced a free energy generator prototype. She traveled around the world building free energy prototypes and growing her online business. This is also when she met her partner Tivon. She has played a large role as a public spokesperson for her family’s free energy project. Hope and Tivon also sponsor a local community center for women and children. They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco.


3 thoughts on “Introducing the QEG Rosetta Stone Campaign. Breaking Down the Language Barriers to Free Energy

  1. Hi, I’m Francois Lamontagne. I just paid for Rosetta Stone but never see where to write my favorite language. I want french language, please.

    Posted by Lamontagne Francois | May 24, 2015, 3:01 am
    • Dear Francois:

      We shall be translating in French as well. See here is the list

      1) Chinese

      2) Spanish

      3) Italian

      4) Greek

      5) French

      6) Japanese

      7) Russian

      8) German

      9) Hindi

      10) Arabic

      With love

      Posted by hopegirl2012 | May 24, 2015, 3:57 am


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