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FTW Giving Report for June 2015

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Because of the help of generous people like you, FTW has been able to fund several people in need this month through Kiva, we are happy to share their stories with you in this monthly report. If you would like to make a one time or recurring donation to Fix the World you can do so by clicking here. Learn more about the FTW giving policy on our website by clicking here.





FTW Helped Arayik  to buy wood and laminate for his furniture production in Armenia.

Arayik is a military man and lives with his family in Vanadzor city, which is in the Lori region. He has two sons and his elder son is in up-broad work in the Russian Federation, and from time to time helps his family in Armenia. Arayik’s wife is a jobless, so days and nights he works hard in order to solve his family needs and takes care of his junior son.

As salaries are not much, for more than five years Arayik has engaged in furniture production, which he set up in a workshop in front of his house. After his military working day, Arayik produces furniture and sells it, which brings him a good profit. The main clients of Arayik’s furniture are his colleagues, neighbors, relatives and mutual people from his city. His production is popular as it is well designed, with high quality and affordable prices, which allows him to have a large number of furniture offers.

Arayik needs a loan with amount of 400,000 AMD in order to buy new equipment and row materials such wood and laminate flooring for his production. He hopes that his second deal with Kiva lenders will be profitable for his business; he sends his greetings to lenders beforehand.

Link to his fund: http://www.kiva.org/lend/909752 
N4-Phố7-Quảng Thắng - Poor But Fun Group

FTW helped the Phố7-Quảng Thắng Group  to purchase materials to make stone stairs to sell in Vietnam.

Mrs Thái is 41 years old and she is married. She has had a manufacturing business making stone stairs for more than 10 years. Thái lives in Thanh Hoa City, an urban town in Thanh Hoa province. Her family is a low-income household in the village; moreover, the market need is low in this region.In 2014, Thái joined Thanh Hoa microfinance institution to improve her business. Thái has successfully repaid two loans from Thanh Hoa microfinance institution. She is a reputable person in the community and the leader of “N4-Phố7-Quảng Thắng – Poor but fun” solidarity group. The main hardship that Thái faces is lack of capital. She is requesting a loan to purchase material to make stone stairs to sell. With her business profits, Thái hopes for her family to be healthy and happy, for her business to do well, and for her children to do well in school. View their fund here: http://www.kiva.org/lend/905551

Luis Alberto
FTW Helped Luis to buy iron, metal, tools in El Salvadore.

Luis is 33 years old and lives with his mother in their own house. He owns a workshop, where he builds metal structures, door, balconies, bars, and others. He has run this business for 8 years and has much experience, which helps him improve his work every day. He already has many customers, who choose him for the quality of his work and his reasonable prices, but above all because he always does the job the way the customer wishes. He is requesting a loan from INTEGRAL which will enable him to buy iron, metal, tools, etc., which will enable him to have greater income. Visit his fund: http://www.kiva.org/lend/904238
Jose Elias

FTW helped Jose to buy supplies for the production of beds, cabins, mirrors, furniture, and chests of drawers in  Columbia.

José is a single 27-year old man. He worked part of his life as an employee in a carpentry workshop where he gained the knowledge he used to start his own cabinetmaking workshop building furniture customized to his customers’ requests.

He lives with his two-year old son, and takes care of his parents. His dream is to pay for his son’s education, to teach him the job and so this will serve as a foundation for earning an income and finding his own destiny.

He wants to request a loan to buy the main supplies which are wood. These supplies will be for the production of beds, cabins, mirrors, furniture, and chests of drawers, etc. View his fund: http://www.kiva.org/lend/905031 


About hopegirl2012

Naima Feagin (HopeGirl) holds an MBA and a variety of business experience in corporate and government finance and small business entrepreneurship. In 2012, she left the corporate world to build an online business through blogging, marketing, teaching and a passion for humanitarian projects. In 2014 her stepfather designed and open sourced a free energy generator prototype. She traveled around the world building free energy prototypes and growing her online business. This is also when she met her partner Tivon. She has played a large role as a public spokesperson for her family’s free energy project. Hope and Tivon also sponsor a local community center for women and children. They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco.


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