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The Future Of Community Living

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, In5D.com “From Our Friends Over at How to Exit The Matrix” In the late 60’s and early 70’s, hippie communes and campgrounds were a place of peace and love. Government camping regulations now disallow this kind of living on public lands. Communal living is discouraged from society to the … Continue reading

Big Food Is Spending Millions To Lobby For Less Transparency

By all accounts, Americans want a more transparent food system. Recent polling suggests the majority of Americans favor labeling that tells them exactly how and where their food is produced. And yet, several bills are currently moving through Congress that could make it much harder to learn about the source of our food. These bills … Continue reading

Nations Confess to Carrying Out False Flag Terrorism

Nations All Over the World CONFESS to Carrying Out False Flag Terrorism. Not Theory … Admitted Fact. There are many documented false flag attacks, where a government carries out a terror attack … and then falsely blames its enemy for political purposes. In the following 54 instances, officials in the government which carried out the … Continue reading

Top Gov’t. Scientists Say NO to Vaccines for Their Kids

“The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a … Continue reading

The Nuclear War Against Australia’s Aboriginal People

  Australia’s nuclear industry has a shameful history of ‘radioactive racism’ that dates from the British bomb tests in the 1950s, writes Jim Green. The same attitudes have been evident in recent debates over uranium mines and nuclear waste, but Aboriginal peoples are fighting back! “We will be still talking about our story in the … Continue reading

The Big Chill. Jovan Julian Robles.

Julian Robles, my friend and fellow truth warrior passed away yesterday.  He was way too young (27), and his passing (due to a medical condition with blood clot complications) was sudden and unexpected.  I have not been able to stop crying since I heard the news. Julian and his partner Justin are the founders of … Continue reading

SERIES: Healing Gut Damage Caused By Gluten

“From our Friends over at Blessed Health” By Valerie Robitaille The amount of time it will take to heal damage to the small intestine caused by gluten will depend on the extent of the condition; gluten sensitives may feel better in a week or two, celiac patients may take a year or more. One’s age … Continue reading

Scientists Discover a New Part of the Human Body

“From our Friends over at Naturally Better Clinics” When you woke up this morning, you did so with an entirely new body part—at least in the eyes of science. You can’t see it or touch it, but it will play a crucial role in understanding neurological diseases and immunity. Researchers at University of Virginia’s School … Continue reading

Revolutionary New Technology That Harvests Electricity from Plants

“From our Friends over at Manifest Destiny Triforce” Author: NICHOLAS ROY Imagine a city where rooftops are equipped with not solar panels or wind turbines, but gardens that provide food, energy, and beauty.  Further reducing our need for fossil fuels. Fortunately we are one step closer to a reality such as this thanks to a … Continue reading

Turmeric’s ‘Smart Kill’ Properties Put Chemo & Radiation to Shame

The ancient Indian spice turmeric strikes again! A new study finds turmeric extract selectively and safely killing cancer stem cells in a way that chemo and radiation cannot. A ground-breaking new study published in the journal Anticancer Research reveals that one of the world’s most extensively researched and promising natural compounds for cancer treatment: the … Continue reading

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