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Law Firm Recruits Farmers In Class Action Lawsuit Against Monsanto

At this point, we have all been exposed to Monsanto’s toxic glyphosate – the chemical in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, Round Up. Exposure is happening either by eating GMO foods, or living close to a farm that routinely sprays their crops with the ‘probably-carcinogenic’ herbicide, as declared by the WHO’s IARC. In response to this, McDivitt Law … Continue reading


  “From our Friends over at Blessed Health” Surely you’ve heard all about the latest fad? Gluten-free dieting! And the reason it’s become a fad is because people usually feel better, almost instantly in so many ways, when the offending substance is eliminated or seriously limited. More important than going on another fad diet, especially if you’re … Continue reading

The 1% Is Really More Like The 0.000000012 %

As I read, learn and live I see the ever increasing number of peoples which claim to be “awake”. These people with their research, documents, web links; all “evidence” that they must be “awake”. They lament about the 1% controlling the world, poisoning our water and food, wreaking havoc on our financial systems, chem-trails, drugging, … Continue reading

Gaslighting: The Mind Game Everyone should Know About … A MUST Read!

UNFORTUNATELY, THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THAT WE HAVE ALL BEEN GASLIGHTED BY SOMEONE AT SOME POINT IN OUR LIVES, EVEN IF IT WAS JUST ON A SMALL SCALE BY SOMEONE WE BARELY KNOW. Alex Myles| Sadly, many fall victim to it within their intimate relationships, or even in dealings with “friends” or family members. There … Continue reading

Some Isolated Tribes in the Amazon Are Initiating Contact

  The recent emergence of isolated tribes from jungles in Peru and Brazil is challenging officials in both countries to rethink their “no contact” policies and to prepare for a possible wave of “first contacts” as the Amazon wilderness that harbors the highly vulnerable indigenous groups continues to shrink. “The people are going to come … Continue reading

Windows 10 Can Collect Your Data For Gov’t Agencies – What to Do

Windows 10 OS – the ultimate Big Brother? Of the 14+ million people who have recently installed Microsoft’s new Windows 10, there haven’t been many complaints until now. The system is said to run more efficiently, but apparently someone only recently read the tome of a service agreement. Let’s just say that Windows 10 goes … Continue reading

Snowden Reveals Existence of Global Spy Program

American Hacker Edward Snowden is best known for leaking sensitive information that confirmed the existence of global surveillance systems run by European governments together with telecommunication companies. A former employee of the CIA and NSA, Snowden’s leaked files confirming the existence of ECHELON, a spying network that goes far beyond the capabilities of anything previously … Continue reading


What is the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG)? The Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) is an opensourced, fuel-less generator prototype based on a public domain patented invention of Nikola Tesla. The type of energy that is utilized by the QEG design is different than that of a conventional generator. QEG teams are in the final stages of … Continue reading

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