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Humanitarian Technology Annual Membership Drive! Fix the World.


video thumbnailThe Fix the World Orgnanization is developing, and open sourcing new energy devices that do not require fossil fuel,
and then teaching engineers to build machines that could end the energy crisis.

Fix the World is teaching the unemployed how to earn a living through online commerce. We fund small business start-ups in developing countries and  provide humanitarian aid to people in need through food and clothing drives, and emergency medical caravans. We are tutoring children in impoverished neighborhoods, and teaching vocational skills to marginalized women.

We are fixing the World one project at a time.  And we need your help to keep doing it.

Through the Fix the World Organization, you can help us to continue to help others through projects like these, for just a little pocket change.
It takes so little for you to become a part of something that can do so much good.

Visit our website fixtheworldproject.org  to learn more about The Fix the World Organization.

As a member, every report we put out will show you the growth and progress that you’ve helped make possible.

You’ll also receive our monthly newsletter, which explains all of the work we do and why your help is needed.

As a special bonus, your membership also includes unlimited access to FTW TV and a special bonus pack of downloadable planet changing interviews.

Sponsorship is just $6.99 dollars a month, and is only one click away using paypal. There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

It’s true our world has a lot of problems that need to be resolved.  Why not join us, and become one of the people that decided to do something about it.

Please consider becoming a supporting member of the Fix the World Organization today.

About hopegirl2012

Naima Feagin (HopeGirl) holds an MBA and a variety of business experience in corporate and government finance and small business entrepreneurship. In 2012, she left the corporate world to build an online business through blogging, marketing, teaching and a passion for humanitarian projects. In 2014 her stepfather designed and open sourced a free energy generator prototype. She traveled around the world building free energy prototypes and growing her online business. This is also when she met her partner Tivon. She has played a large role as a public spokesperson for her family’s free energy project. Hope and Tivon also sponsor a local community center for women and children. They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco.


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