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Extraterrestrial Base On Earth, Sanctioned by Officials Since 1954 | Secret Space Program

The following article is a compilation of research as well as insider testimony from a man named Jesse. According to Jesse, the U.S. has been in contact with extraterrestrials since at least the early 1940’s, culminating in a series of treaties that allowed these beings to build a base on the Earth’s surface in French … Continue reading

Detainees sue psychologists who engineered, profited from CIA torture

They “devised and supervised an experiment to degrade human beings,” ACLU says. The two psychologists whose company made more than $80 million helping draw up the CIA’s interrogation-torture program were sued Tuesday by three former war-on-terror US detainees who claim they were waterboarded, forced into tiny boxes, starved, chained, deprived of sleep, and beaten while … Continue reading

Floating garden purifies the water of the US’s most polluted waterway

An oasis of greenery is floating on the Gowanus Canal in New York City, purifying the water and brightening the murky waterway. The Gowanus Canal in New York City is known to be one of the most polluted waterways in the United States. You can imagine everyone’s surprise, then, when an oasis of greenery was … Continue reading

Adrenal Fatigue

From our friends over at http://blessedhealth2013.com/ by Valerie Robitaille Your adrenal glands, located on top of your kidneys, secrete hormones including cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, which effectively help you manage stress. Pregnenolone is the precursor hormone from which stress hormones are made, making its presence in your body significant. Supplementing with pregnenolone may be a … Continue reading

Africa’s largest windfarm set to connect remote Kenya to the grid

  With its spectacular jade waters ringed by ochre red volcanic hills, Lake Turkana, a desert lake in Kenya’s rugged northerly corner provided a wonderful spot for Dutchman Willem Dolleman’s annual fishing expeditions in his adopted homeland. But Dolleman’s trips were always ruined by the difficulty of finding somewhere to stay in a vastly underdeveloped … Continue reading

Texas Design Student Builds Awesome Tiny-House To Live Debt-Free Near Campus

Credit: Joel Weber Joel Weber aims to graduate debt-free, so built a mobile tiny home to live in while he studies. It’s not easy being a student in the United States, where universities are notoriously expensive and the prospect of a job is insecure. For those invested in pursuing their education, then, it becomes a … Continue reading

Mind-Altering Facts About The Great Pyramid At Giza That Still Have No Explanation

From our friends over at New Earth Media Written by Arjun Walia There are numerous ancient archaeological sites all over this planet that are without explanation. The Great Pyramids at Giza are a great example of this. The modern explanation, taught in ancient civilization classes within our educational institutions, is that they were built by … Continue reading

Seven myths and atrocities of Christopher Columbus

Here’s what they never taught you in school. In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, so goes the elementary school rhyme. But Columbus also committed numerous crimes against humanity that we never learned about in school. This coming Monday, whenever you see a status update or tweet mentioning Columbus Day, share this article in response. … Continue reading

New Video Blog! FTW Community Center Update.

Humanitarian technology projects combined with local Moroccan hand crafting! We’ve completed our first steps in opening a community center here in Morocco. Meet the Moroccan women who are here to join us in creating this abundant resource for the community here. Our new chosen format of “Video Blogging” allows us to report to the people, and share … Continue reading

Creator of 5-hour energy wants to power the world’s homes—with bikes

The man who created the 5-hour Energy drink says he has more money than he needs—about $4 billion more. So he’s giving it away, spending his fortune on a quest to fix the world’s biggest problems, including energy. Manoj Bhargava has built a stationary bike to power the millions of homes worldwide that have little … Continue reading

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