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Free Energy Disclosure: A Change in Direction

The last two posts I’ve put out on our free energy disclosure received a lot of incredibly encouraging  comments from our readers.  People are grateful that I was so forthright with telling the tale about what it is truly like to go through what my family has been through in the last two years while bringing a free energy device to the world.

Despite what the bank has done, our dear fairy godmother Wilhelmina has been clever enough to find ways to help us. And we are going to be working on our new free energy projects and reporting them to the people.

Before we began telling our story, we asked Wilhelmina just how far down the rabbit hole she wanted to go.  She did not want to publish the last chronicle in her book about free energy because she wanted to focus on the positive future of this project and not drudge up the past. In her words to me:

“Forget about that rabbit hole you’ve had to squirm through, Hope. That was yesterday. Come, climb up into the branches with me. The view from where I’m sitting is fine.”

I agree with her, as do the other members of my family.  We are so hopeful for the future and the work that we are doing.  We’ve certainly got our hands full with implementing the projects that are going to help people moving forward. Writing memoirs is a time consuming process that can take up a lot of one’s mental energy.  I have to ask myself, how much of my time that I could spend in creating a bright future do I want to spend dwelling on the past?  My answer…not that much.

What I will be spending the majority of my time doing are the exciting new projects that we have including:

-Working at our new community center to help the poor.
-Organizing and documenting a mini QEG that we will be opensourcing.
-Conducting interesting interviews with project managers and inventors and making lots of youtube movies to share.
-Maintaining our operations at our new  “QEG Academy”
-Launching our New Paradigm Business Academy to help other people earn a living through online commerce.
-Launching project light in the darkness and bringing lights to people who don’t have electricity

So as you can see, I’m quite the busy bee! However, it’s not quite as simple as forgetting about the past and “moving on”.  I feel that in many ways it is my responsibility to tell the story of what happened to our family over the last two years.  This is because I know that other people will follow in our footsteps and will try to bring out free energy in any way they can. I know many of the secret challenges they will face and I believe our story can help them in some way.

So I have decided that I am going to tell this story in the form of an eBook, Just so that its “out there” and accessible to those that wish to read it.   Our relationship with Wilhelmina is continuing to blossom and we are beginning to build our mini QEG from the ground up. Many of these letters that focus on this project and the others that we are doing will be included in Wilhelmina’s updated version of her book titled “Free Energy and the QEG”.   The book that I will be publishing will be called “Free Energy Full Disclosure The QEG Chronicles”.

I am telling our story for  the brave inventors and supporters of free energy that may follow our footsteps in the future, and for all of those that can benefit from their work.  Even if I never meet them, that does not matter, the knowledge that I share in these chronicles may help change something in the future.  I think about the bodies of work of people that have inspired me, like when I read “Financial Tyranny” by David Wilcock, or when I saw “Thrive” by Foster and Kimberly Gamble.  Those works radically changed my life, and helped shape who I am today and the work that I have done.  I hope that perhaps one day my book will do the same for others.

I also feel that it is my duty to disclose this information in order to help prevent these events from happening to someone else in the future. If people openly know about what has happened to us, then perhaps that knowledge can expose some of the suppression and behaviors and make them stop.

I want to assure my readers that I am going to tell this story in the most positive and neutral tone as possible. By my nature I am not a negative person.  I promise to keep it interesting, engaging and friendly. However, there are some instances where that is going to be impossible to do, and some things I’m just going to have to come right out and say.  While some of the events of the past few years caused our family a lot of pain, we are all healing from it very well.  Right now I am in one of the happiest points of my life. I have a great partner, and a strong loving family.

Dear readers, if you have the courage to walk through remembering some of these darker times with me, then I promise you will find a happy free energy ending by the time we are done!

It will take me at least a couple of months to finish writing the book.  When it is published we will be selling it for $9.99. Every penny of the sales generated will go towards funding a free energy project. However we want to offer this information for free as well. So if you are interested in receiving a free copy of this book, please enter your email on the following mailing list form and I will send you  a free copy once its published.

sign up QEG chronicles ebookhttp://forms.aweber.com/form/29/1719976129.htm

Some of the topics included in this book will include:

-The top Free Energy Trolls we’ve encountered and what they do to stop inventors.
-The miracles of free energy crowdfunding.
-Blackmail and sabotage of cooperative funding effort “The People’s fund to Change the Planet”
-Our experience with GEET technology and the OPAL tour.
-Our experience with asian engineering at the Taiwan build.
-Our experience with members of the “Dragon Family” and their promises of funding free energy devices.
-The Free energy conference trap in England
-The public QEG build in Morocco
-Billionaires and occult rituals during the QEG build in England
-Legal and Sovereignty movements and Free Energy: our experience with the OPPT
-A Free Energy Love Story
-The breakthrough to self running.

As always, I want to know what it is my readers want to hear, so the number of sign-ups for the free ebook and the comments  left here will give me a good indicator of what people are looking for.

Thank you so much to those who support the work we do, we never could have gotten this far with out you!


About hopegirl2012

Naima Feagin (HopeGirl) holds an MBA and a variety of business experience in corporate and government finance and small business entrepreneurship. In 2012, she left the corporate world to build an online business through blogging, marketing, teaching and a passion for humanitarian projects. In 2014 her stepfather designed and open sourced a free energy generator prototype. She traveled around the world building free energy prototypes and growing her online business. This is also when she met her partner Tivon. She has played a large role as a public spokesperson for her family’s free energy project. Hope and Tivon also sponsor a local community center for women and children. They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco.


10 thoughts on “Free Energy Disclosure: A Change in Direction

  1. I think a lot of us could benefit from your experiences. 🙂 Especially, I think that inventors really NEED to learn how you pulled it all together and came out SANE AND ALIVE on the other side. So many haven’t .

    Posted by Annonymous | November 15, 2015, 6:37 pm
  2. Thank you beloved Hope Moore for all these efforts. We salute you for your dedication.

    Posted by Annonymous | November 15, 2015, 6:38 pm
  3. You are an inspiration Hope, and your sense of humor and humbleness is always appreciated ❤

    Posted by Annonymous | November 15, 2015, 6:39 pm
  4. I would say yes! However, there is still time to go… lots of dots getting connected… every day more and more. This is disclosure time! Time to know more truths and changing actions by taking decisions and responsibility… Thank you Hope Moore for your job!

    Posted by Annonymous | November 15, 2015, 6:39 pm
  5. Keep on Hope! Many thanks for your gift and insight. If not you, who? This is your purpose and you are being smiled upon by Creator for your good works and recognizing and staunchly carrying out your purpose.

    Posted by Annonymous | November 15, 2015, 6:40 pm
  6. Very interesting reading. Thank you for being forthright and not holding back such … vital and stimulating info

    Posted by Annonymous | November 15, 2015, 6:40 pm
  7. Have been following your blog from the beginning but must have missed the bit about what the banks did to you. Can you give me the link to that episode ? Many thanks for your work ! Jeff

    Posted by jeff1944 | November 15, 2015, 7:53 pm
  8. Hope, The exciting new projects are what I would recommend precisely. I will be joining.

    Posted by Dean | November 16, 2015, 1:11 am
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