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Bridges to Disclosure: Hope Moore and Mel Ve on CCN

I wanted to make this statement up front to address any concerns or questions that people might have.    As some of you who follow our work might know, Mel Ve and I may not have always sat on the same side of the fence on certain issues. In fact she and I have never even had direct correspondence until just recently, when we both shared a similar experience that created a need for truthful information to be exchanged between us. It was in this moment that apologies were made for any formal transgressions based on personalities or misunderstandings, and we were then able to quickly move forward into a whole new arena of discovery over important factual information on many topics that we believe can help many people at this time who are looking for answers.  Indeed this is a simple exchange that I wish many opposing parties would do at this time, so we can all move on. Perhaps Mel Ve and I can set an example.

Both Mel Ve and I have been around the circles of the truth movement for a while, and we’ve witnessed all the recent in-fighting, the breakups, the bad decisions and ego battles from behind the scenes. I strongly believe that this is all part of program that has been inflicted upon us by a greater enemy.  They want to keep us fighting with each other to ensure that we’ll just finish each other off and never accomplish anything. Mel Ve and I have both been participating parties of projects that could have produced something of real value, but were utterly destroyed by infighting and bad decisions. In the end, no one was the winner.

Since our initial correspondence, I’ve been able to see her work and she has been able to see mine. And in many ways we both appreciate each other’s efforts and we’ve discovered that we have more in common than we ever would have guessed. I believe that focusing on the ability to exchange information in a calm manner between two different fronts of the same etheric army is extremely important. More important than differences of opinions that cause us to stay divided, silent and ignorant.

Mel Ve’s informational disclosures have been helpful to me, as they have shed a lot of light on hidden aspects of a topic based on her perspective from her personal hands on experiences. I believe that my disclosure has done the same for her and hopefully many others.

I have friends and colleagues in some of these circles that I love and truly respect, including those on a different network that I helped to form: Naturally Better TV. I wanted to let everyone know that I wish to honor all of these comrades for their enormous contribution to the changes happening in his world based on their works in their respective fields.   I know that those in these circles that respect me and the work that I am trying to do can view this unique interview as an attempt to build bridges that can help us all heal. It is my greatest hope that we can all one day put aside our differences, agree to disagree on certain matters, and respect each other’s space enough to allow us all to co-exist and blossom like different flowers in the same garden.

As for me, I will always stay focused on my own assignment, which is that of the Fix the World Organization and the people and projects that it represents.  We all play different roles in this world, and we all have to pick our battles. For me that battle is free energy and humanitarian efforts, which is an enormous undertaking on its own.  I am only one person, and this assignment alone takes most of my time and resources.  I’ll leave the battles of finance, law, media and health up to other competent individuals who have their own roles to play in those arenas. And I will always choose obtaining knowledge over will full ignorance, as it is this very knowledge that can help us all in the end.

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Having recently had the great pleasure of connecting with FIX THE WORLD founder Hope Moore, I was most privileged to be on the receiving end of an early sneak peak look at Hope’s new tell all book, QEG CHRONICLES FREE ENERGY FULL DISCLOSURE, which details Hope Girl’s journey through the sometimes perilous world of FREE ENERGY, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA and details all the shenanigans that come with it.

Hope’s frank and candid disclosure of some rather interesting details, which in light of recent events, serves as a good reference point from somebody who has been intimately involved with many people in the so-called movement.

Hope has done a particularly good job of creating an audio book of her journey, so take some time over the silly season to get to grips with the craziness of Hope’s world.

Hope has been good enough to afford us the courtesy of a book review discussion, which will take place LIVE on CCN on Saturday 26 December 2015 at 7pm GMT.

So tune into CCN as we dig in deep and plough through some of the necessary details that need to be aired for the purposes of FULL DISCLOSURE!

I’ve created this time stamp list of my interview with Mel Ve to help move through this information. I’ve done this mainly because we discussed so many vitally important points in this long talk. I hope some can find this helpful.

1-5 Background behind how and why Mel and Hope just recently started speaking to each other.
05:00 Introducing the QEG Chronicles Book. The QEG project turned out to be a grand experiment in human behavior.
7:00 Hope reads public statement to address why we are holding this controversial discussion
10:00 Discussion about how we can be manipulated to think incorrectly about things and people by dark agenda’s.
15:00 Hope discusses the simple beginnings and intentions of the project and how tons of distractions and attacks came in almost immediately, and how to discern information in such situations.
20:00 Crowdfunding and impractical applications and accountability for funds raised.
25:00 Discussion of how a lot of misunderstandings can happen when people fail to read and inform themselves. Hope explains all reports and time stamped accounts for the entire project over the last two year, including the financial reporting for all money collected and spent on project which has been publically available for all of this time.
30:00 Comparing this unique project to main stream corporate industry standards, which takes 9 years and is all done hidden behind closed doors.
37:00  How can we keep moving forward and stay positive in such a cruel world.
40:00 Discussion on statistics and viewership on youtube, quantity vs. quality of informational programs.
45:00 Community Center for the poor just opened in Morocco by the Fix the World Organization, discussed are some projects that are planned including “Orgone Maroc” and the Crystal Battery Project
50:00 Other inventors moving to Morocco this year and there is a lot of support for new energy in this country
52:00 What it means to be a “Doer” and frustrations with non-doers and irresponsible crowd funding in the truth movement.
56:00 The “Alchemy of Giving” briefly explained and Hope explains how Fix the World has been giving back to a lot of people and groups in need.
1:02:00 Identifying Archetypes mentioned in the book:  “Touchy Feely’s” “Arch Rivals”
1:05:00 Bombs of destruction and to respond or not respond at digs and comments. How to have calm discussions so that we can all get the right information without attacking each other.
1:09:00 People who ignore and run away from confrontation. A theme of abandonment in some groups and lack of accountability.  How we should come to the table to work it out so that we can create a better world. How to leave relationships so that people can have closure.
1:16:00 We all have choice points in our life.
1:20:00 Cults mentioned in the book:  new age cults, polyamory cults, unicorn boys and the “Its already done” crowd. “Blunder Boys”. “Personality Cults”.
1:22:00 The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group. If you get nothing else from this book: YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!
1:30:00 Discovering the dark side of the new age movement and how to get out. The war on doing and how to fight apathy. Climbing your mountain against the grain.
1:37:00 Don’t get into alternative media for fame or popularity, do it to help create a better world.
1:40:00 Hope vs. Hopium. The strength to keep going. Dangled carrots. Don’t throw all your eggs in one basket. Throwing yourself into one of these movements without calculating risk.
1:50:00 Forgiveness and un-forgiveness
1:55:00 Free money cults
2:00:00 Middle Class disappearing in America. Victims of a system gone wrong vs. a sense of entitlement
2:05:00 Armchair Activism and being a “Doer”
2:10:00 Fame
2:13:00 The real inventors are networking together and fix the world is involved
2:15:00 Dr. Judy Wood Breakthrough energy movement. Breakthrough Energy Movement
2:20:00 The Chemistry and roles of the QEG Family and our supporters. How we are able to make this work.
2:25:00 It takes a unique mind to understand how free energy works. What its like to be a woman in the free energy world.
2:30:00 Using contracts to work with other people
2:35:00 Leadership, making hard decisions, clashing belief systems, and managing a complex project
2:45:00 Opportunities to make amends
2:50:00 – end Mini QEG Preview given by Tivon


About hopegirl2012

Naima Feagin (HopeGirl) holds an MBA and a variety of business experience in corporate and government finance and small business entrepreneurship. In 2012, she left the corporate world to build an online business through blogging, marketing, teaching and a passion for humanitarian projects. In 2014 her stepfather designed and open sourced a free energy generator prototype. She traveled around the world building free energy prototypes and growing her online business. This is also when she met her partner Tivon. She has played a large role as a public spokesperson for her family’s free energy project. Hope and Tivon also sponsor a local community center for women and children. They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco.


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