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Welcome Home to the Family of Networks! Introducing NBTV

Announcing a new collaboration of alternative media networks:  Naturally Better TV. (NBTV). This is a groundbreaking partnership with at least 11 different alternative media groups and projects designed to create a hub of learning and awareness across a wide array of alternative subjects in a warm and inviting community environment. The main focus of NBTV … Continue reading

Am I The Only One That Hasn’t Lost Their Mind? We are in the Zombie Apocalypse!

A while back I really began to notice that there were some insane things that were happening around me.  There were people that I knew and cared for just losing their minds and behaving in very strange ways.  I found myself sitting there one day with my head in my hands wondering, what the heck … Continue reading

The War on Doing

Everything is NOT OK.  We are in the middle of World War 3, and I don’t need a politician to formally announce that on a corporate controlled media station in order to acknowledge that this is the case.   This is a financial war, a technology war, an information war, a psychological war, a spiritual war, … Continue reading

How To Get Out of a Cult

I wrote this article several months ago and was waiting for the right time to post it. Having just received news of a former acquaintance what was involved in a cult and has since lost everything, I decided to post this now. This article may be tough for some to read, but its ultimate message … Continue reading

QEG Resonance Binaural Beat Daily Affirmation Meditation to help Fix Our World. Free Download!

Daily meditation can change your life. Your words and thoughts manifest to create your reality. Why not take a moment to form the life and world you want through a daily meditation? I’ve created this daily meditation for anyone to use to help set your positive intentions and take charge over creating your own life … Continue reading

Fear of Success, Living in Lack, and How We’ve Been Brainwashed to Resist Money.

    I have come to believe that many people are running a mental program around their thoughts on money that they may not even be aware of.  I also think that this is only partially our fault, and the origins of this program were created to try to control the masses and cause us … Continue reading

Finding Our Way Back to Value

   Is money the root of all evil? Somewhere along the line a lot of us got confused about money and the value it is supposed to represent.   But to be fair, who wouldn’t be confused?  The  Federal Reserve keeps printing money out of thin air while, and the central banks are creating a completely … Continue reading

Comment One, Comment All! Why You Need a Moderator For Happy Reading.

The comment section on any social media platform can be both wonderful and horrible. Just because comment sections exist, some people think that they are a free soapbox on which all opinions, even awful ones,  are given voice and space. I had to shut my comment off for a while until I had the chance … Continue reading

I’m Taking My Blog Back!

Let’s face it; this whole past year has been quite a ride for many of us. I for one have been so busy working on the QEG project, and moving, and getting our new lives sorted out that I haven’t had much of a chance to do the one thing I love doing most, which … Continue reading

No, I didn’t “Unfriend You”.  When, How and Why I Ended my Personal Profile on Facebook, and how we can still be “Friends”.  

“OK Hope, you can do this, no really… be a big girl and push the migration button already!” After a few heavy breathing sessions in a brown paper bag, and a lot of motivational self-talk, I made the move to change my “Personal Facebook Account” into a “Facebook Page”. Admittedly this was a big move, … Continue reading

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