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QEG Spanish Introduction Call

The QEG Family has been preparing step by step teaching materials to help engineers around the world learn how to build this unique generator.   Part of this teaching process is the gigantic task of translating all of the teaching materials into different languages. We are beginning here with “QEG Spanish”. This special call with Juan, … Continue reading

If You or a Loved One is Sick You Wont Want to Miss This Weeks Show! FTW Media The Naturally Better Project.

  If you’re sick, or know someone who is, this weeks Fix the World Media show is one that you do not want to miss. Hope Speaks with Dr. Jeremy Ayers from the pain free clinic and India Irie from Expanding U about their “Naturally Better Project” that will help to shift and revolutionize the … Continue reading

SEG, QEG and Conscious Technology with Hope and Fernando Vossa

In this incredible conversation, HopeGirl of the QEG Team, and Vossa from Searl Magnetics and the SEG, join forces to discuss the grassroots nature of these free energy technologies. Also discussed: Free Energy  as it relates to spirituality and healing. Sonic Reiki, using sond and geometry to heal. Haiah Home Project, homes built to heal … Continue reading

Crystal Pyramid and Scalar Wave Technology. Plus Maui Fights Monsanto Grassroots Movement with Rob Potter

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS INTERVIEW NOW ON FTW TV! In this interview, Hope Girl Interviews Rob Potter who discusses the healing powers of crystal pyramid technology and the harmful effects of current scalar wave technology. Included are the use of implants, HAARP and other assaults on the human form under “The Veil” or matrix … Continue reading

Crop Circle Communications with Patty Greer on the FTW Media Show

In this powerful two part interview, Hope Girl speaks to Patty Greer about her life’s work in the fields working with the circle makers. Covered in this interview is a plethora of information about crop circles, their messages and the circle makers that has been suppressed up to this very day. This interview reveals information … Continue reading

Present Stage Of QEG Development, Latest Findings and Call For Experiments

On this weeks free energy show Hope, James Robitaille and Tivon Rivers discuss an important update posted to the Be-do.com website explaining the latest promising experimental findings for the next stage of QEG completion. This information is an exercise in co-development for all those who are building QEG’s. James and Tivon discuss the latest QEG … Continue reading

The QEG Family Speaks on the QEG in 2015. Episode 6 The Peoples Free Energy Show

We are happy and proud to bring you Episode 6 of The People’s FREE ENERGY Show featuring the QEG Family. Filmed in their living room (with the Moroccan QEG in the background), Hope, James and Val discuss their journey: why they opensourced the QEG plans, their triumphs and letdowns, and where the QEG is now. … Continue reading

Special Show this week! The Victory of The Light Radio Show with Rob Potter and Guest HopeGirl

This week HopeGirl makes a special guest appearance on Rob Potters Victory of the Light Radio Show! Show Description: Rob Potter: Researcher of healing and consciousness. He has given seminars all over the world. Rob has been experiencing UFO contacts since 1975 with (the late) Dr. Fred Bell in Calif. With UFO/Alien Disclosure. Hope Moore: … Continue reading

Fix the World Media Presents: The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual

In this weeks Episode, HopeGirl brings back “Allegedly Dave” to talk about his new book that outlines his experiences with radically improving his health through a means of several different methods.  You can purchase Dave’s book here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/allegedly-k-a-dave/the-human-body-owners-workshop-manual/paperback/product-21842200.html The Human Body Owner’s Workshop Manual explains how some of the fundamental ideas that we take for … Continue reading


We’ve just Launched our own subscription based Internet TV Channel! VISIT FIX THE WORLD TV HERE! http://www.fixtheworld.podbean.com We are on a journey to fix the problems we have in our world. This journey begins with communicating the ideas that have come through each of us to help make the world a better place. At Fix … Continue reading

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