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19 thoughts on “Contact HopeGirl

  1. OK… I want to start a conversation that while pretty it’s out there, it’s time it was started i reckon… The purpose being to stimulate conversation, research, opinions, and who knows, maybe even some truth? The fundamental truth of the Kosmic Absolute NEEDS TO BE UNDERSTOOD. Many humans have forgotten on how to re­connect to the Source and because of the fact that they are not on the same wave length as their ANTIMATTER SELF in the parallel Earth, which actually exists within the Parallel Universe. KEEP READING!!!

    A lot of time has elapsed since humans got caught up in this shitfight known as the drama of survival post cataclysms.

    BRAIN PROGRAMMING BY THE NEGATIVE DARK CABAL and extra terrestrial races on the planet Earth induced all of humanity into a Matrix… (Yep… That’s right… Morpheous & Trinity type shit)… Humanity was at this point put under a sleep wave and the veils of illusions were drawn tight… With fifty trillion quatro F@#king whatever zillion dollars, is it that hard to imagine you might do more than shop at coles and plan a new world order?

    The illuminati are the bad guys they say? Pfff… I don’t think that’s actually the case yo… They are pretty much hippie’s that are into yoga if you ask me…? I’m into spiritual stuff these days, as are all of you ex berlin bar, elsewhere, and fever pests that 5 years ago would have laughed at meditation… Now, it’s the new cool thing to be into… And it is huh… Sus this link out below and see what the illuminati actually means… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosicrucian_Monographs#Illuminati_section

    We went out to Cheng Mai Thai the other day, and a fortune cookie (yes a thai one) told me this… As hard as this is to explain, everyone’s UNIVERSAL MerKaaBaa fields were put on an ANTISPIN, cutting all of us off from our interdimensional families and star heritage, Induction into a pre calculated shock by the negative free will universe ET’s to destroy the MerKaaBaa of every human angel for their personal gains. The potential and the spirit rights of humans were cut off and ties with the Supreme Being were severed by these Dark forces.

    We can fix this problem, but first we need to understand it… Recalibration allows some of us to re­set the spin of the healee’s Merkaba and to teach the true Quantum Light Body spin. Heavy duty ascension symptoms many of the holders of the Light bodies feel, are constant lethargicness, fatigue, extreme moodiness, flu like cold and throat infections. These symptoms believe it or not are because you are being imprisoned into a Merkaba and still have your Astral body (3rd dimensional karmic body) under the Merkaba…

    The Reptilian, Limbic­mammalian brain is surrounded by the cerebrospinal fluid. These brains were manipulated by the CABAL’s, dark team or shadow beings and the human race was induced into a deep sleep causing loss of connection to the Source.

    The Nervous system simply needs to be rinsed and cleansed with Crystalline Iridescent light through reverse energetic osmosis to activate your conscious scalar wave memory that interconnects you to the Multiple Universes and links you with your Anti­Matter and Ultra terrestrial. The reverse energetic Osmosis process is the process that is used to reconnect humans to their True Monadic heritage and GOD seed family.

    Due to negative races intrusion and manipulation, many human souls have actually had even their Soul Families reversed which locked them in the lower karma games and intense shadow bodies came forth to cause more havoc, in-turn taking humans even further away from Divine Plan and Design. Lots of sensitive data is shared about how the neural net was manipulated which led to severe loss of the ascension gateways.

    The FREQUENCY FENCE was artificially installed by the CABAL’s dark team. This is now time to share the knowledge that while it’s quite advanced (way out there) from a conscious point of view, to be able to make an informed decision, everyone needs this information to be shared, discussed, and understood along with the info pumping out about the CABAL money problems…

    Posted by OCTIEF | November 11, 2012, 12:54 pm
    • I agree … and you all doesn’t it feel like a crazy drean we are in once we awaken … here is what is working for me …

      1) I love the time between awakening and drifting off to sleep … it is then I can ask Source questions that come back as answers … try it ..

      2) I got play the following frequencies into my headset for about 10 or 20 minutes

      432 (outer cube/physicality/mass 432 x 5 is real close to 729 x 3) plus
      324 as 583.2 is hard to find (324 x 9 is = 729 x 4)(middle ethereal cube/diamond)

      3) 729 all sound Hz

      I play all the above 3 plus 528 =- love, green, pi for about 1 to 3 minutes and then
      drop the highest frequencies and play 10 minute sets as i drop from inner cube of consciousness matrix down to outer cube of mass physicality …

      This I equate to tuning a musical instrument designed by the Almighty/Source = Us

      and allows connection … I also wear a circle of silver and gold around my heart on a string (these metals are Alchemy close to the borderline or Matrix) and the circle helps capture and radiate my heart/love frequency …

      from the diagonals of cube math we get 1-125-729

      125 is Sun Fibonacci and low and behold our QEG has 125/0.033 in it’s circuit

      divided and you get 3787 this is very close to Ed Leedskalnin’s 10 cent symbol at the entrance to coral Castle or 10 x (360) = 3600

      which is close to 729 x 5 = 3645 or Cube math

      Need I say more ?


      Robin Small

      This all came from connecting to Matrix consciousness like any and all of us can do !

      Posted by Robin Small | April 17, 2014, 3:58 pm
  2. You said crystalline iridescent light through reversed energetic osmosis…where/and how do we do that?

    Posted by Lanee | November 24, 2012, 7:11 pm
  3. All kinds of political/economic systems can be made to look good on paper. But as soon as CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS work their way into pivotal positions in ANY system, failure of that system becomes a possibility (or more realistically, a likelihood).

    So far, throughout history, nearly every society has run into that problem.and failed because of it.
    This is mainly because those who first institute a system fail to completely safeguard against it.
    Proper safeguarding may be possible, in which case many different systems are likely equally viable.
    So there needn’t be a single, global system.

    Within any system there can never be complete, 100% equality between all of the necessary divisions of implementation. To maintain orderly function there necessarily has to be positions that come with power to wield authority over criminal, disruptively antisocial, truly subversive or “insane” behavior…etc. And then there needs to be a mechanism to wield authority over those positions and so on.

    The problem ALWAYS come down to accountability and transparency.
    When a system has holes in accountability and transparency there will be opportunities for corruption and failure.

    So, the first order of business in the implementation of a system has to be ensuring that every action taken…every day…every hour…every minute if deemed necessary of ANYONE who is in a position of authority must be accounted for and made completely available to EVERYBODY.
    It should be understood that any persons willing to fill positions of authority must also be willing to do so in the complete open. And compensation for their service should be commensurate with this sacrifice of privacy.
    Call it a Transparentocracy.
    Instead of the government turning surveillance on the populace, the populace must have complete surveillance on the government.
    And in the case of a system that incorporates profit motive in its economic framework (which leads to a ladder of greater and greater financial authority to those who perform best) the level of transparency should increase with each step up the ladder. You want to be rich? You have to lead a more transparent life. The question “if you have nothing to hide then you should have no problem being surveilled…right?” is often asked of the populace by the authorities today. It should be asked OF the authorities BY the populace.
    When I use the words “position of authority” I am not applying it in punitive sense. I mean it as any position in which one is responsible to AUTHORIZE an action taken by the system or is beyond a certain threshold of economic activity that affects more than a person’s private life. The threshold could be any position with the authority to hire or fire more than 10 people, or the authority to decide on pay scales within a company…etc.
    A “Transparentocracy” therefore would not be controlling the decisions (whereas socialism and communism DOES) but it would ensure that these decisions are made completely openly by people who have demonstrated (by their level of willingness to lead ever increasingly transparent lives) their honesty and sincerity.
    THESE people would very naturally become role models and be upheld as good citizens instead of what we see today where the corrupt rich control the media and use it to falsely portray themselves as “the cream of the crop” to be almost worshipped. (This actually started during the Great Depression when nearly every movie made revolved around characters who lived obscenely opulently and were always shown to be “pillars of society” when nothing could have been further from the truth)

    Schooling would also play an important part by adopting teaching approaches that foster openness and participation.

    It shouldn’t take a revolution to start a “Transparentocracy”. Right now it could start within our own system in the US using legal mechanisms already in place.
    What IS needed would be to make this idea part of public discourse.
    Now that we have the interwebs…it shouldn’t really be that difficult to spread.
    If it catches on, hopefully, the complete structure of a Transparentocracy can be an open source project in order to refine it and build viable details into it.
    There can be blueprints for a Democratic Transparentocracy or a Social Transparentocracy or possibly even a Communal Transparentocracy developed.
    Or a blend of any number of philosophical approaches to government.

    Communist China has blurred from hard-line communism to a hybrid of capitalism and very but much less hard-line communism…moving slowly along the scale toward authoritarian socialism.

    In the US, a democratic republic has been blurred from highly capitalistic to a hybrid of capitalism and very authoritarian socialism.

    Europe is so incredibly obviously a flat out hybrid of capitalism and very authoritarian socialistic entity.

    In all 3 cases, the authoritarian nature of these systems remained as a consistent component while all other original components were reconfigured.

    A transparentocracy can fully address the problem since it directly reconfigures the component of “authority” into one that is no longer the weakest link.
    The idea of a transparentocracy brings the perspective that the REAL class “struggle” is between those with authority and those under authority. The same authorities have been imposing these systems on everyone for quite a few centuries now. They definitely ignore the lack of attention that’s ever really paid toward the authority component of all these systems because….well, you know.

    It’s obvious that at the stage “civilization” has now reached, a Transparentocracy is likely the best way forward. Once the Authority problem is taken care of, the Communism/Socialism/Democracy/Republic/etc details will be incredibly easy to iron out.

    Live stream 90% of POTUS’s each and every day on the internet and it won’t matter what secret clubs he/she was in as a college kid.
    Live stream 75% of every every CEO’s day on the internet and white collar crime will practically disappear.
    Corporate presidents…68%
    US Senators…83%

    and so on.


    For each percent privacy given up for the common good…$20k/yr.

    Do a job that gives you authority over someone else’s life…in that job’s description is detailed privacy loss requirements and accompanying compensation.

    You don’t want to give up as much privacy as is required in the job description…don’t apply.

    Tweak it ’til you like all of it.
    It’s the very beginnings of an idea. If it can be made better, I’m all for it.

    We can turn 1984 in the other direction.

    It’s an idea.

    Posted by anomaloushoward | November 24, 2012, 7:47 pm
    • HopeGirl & anomaloushoward,

      Greg Braden has powerfully spoken about the urgency to face these shifting NOW moments with new paradigm tools. The results of trying to work in the NOW with the old reality tools delivered to us – THE PEOPLE – by TPW (the powers that were) are over.

      David Wilcock has served as a mighty bandaid ripper. The hidden face that had the hand, that invisibly stole and hid the gold movement on this planet. I believe he also covers the other history of GOLD through St. Germain’s incredible life and his forsight, and love for all humanity to create the St. Germain Trust.

      “The Truth will set you free, but first it might piss you off.” W. Erhard.

      One of those tools of the new paradigm – which I believe is also the reclaimation of ancient SACRED wisdom is understanding Ken Wilber’s notion of ‘holonic thinking’. There are multiple levels – and yes they are hierarchally structured. And a triangle could even be used to describe holonic thinking. (This is NOT patriarchy’s triangle!)

      Here at the bottom you have the most numbers of ‘whatever’. As you move up there are both less numbers however a contining expanded awareness and responsibility and service. Each layer or level is 100% whole and complete within its own system. Like the cells within your stomach are 100% full and complete. However the next level up from cellular structure is organ structure. And all these cells are in service to the stomach’s survival, health, well being and healing if needed.

      Same thing here. The stomach is full and complete at its own level. However it is in service to the next level up, which is the human body, etc.

      As you move all the way to the top, it turns out that all is in service to Prime, Source, Creator of All That IS, Mother / Father God, Goddess & God.

      I believe TRANSPARENCY is essential and all of how it becomes increasingly transparent as one moves up the ‘ladder’. However, I believe that transparency is in service to a larger goal, a higher purpose.

      You can use this ‘holonic thinking’ and analyze systems and find out who’s at the bottom and track it all the way to the top – source – of that system your figuring out. I did that with patriarchy and found what we all know about it – and yes its structure is also a triangle. But with this system the top / the elite / powerful back room lords and masters of this system cause this system to be created. There are two roads down to ‘the people’ at the bottom of the triangle. One is the visible road of their ‘pitch to sheeple through media, education, business options, war, etc.’ The other road is occult, invisible, covert and hidden. This is where the real action occurs to subdue, torture, main, create insane amounts of ‘Sophie choice’ type programs for the people.

      Once ‘the people’ are fully subdued, drugged, abused, marginalized, hospitalized, separated from family and sacred languages and traditions – then they simply syphon off all the wealth, power, prestige that is ‘the people’s’ portion of their Creator given abundance and right for safety, well being, joy, love and laughter. Life, Health, Wholeness is gift already given by Creator. You do not need to buy it, order it, get a loan to access it, perform endless chants or pronams to achieve it – its just plain yours. A gift already given. However this truth has also been intentionally hidden.

      I’ve been exploring, diagraming, and outlining a project that will revolutionize health care because of one simple thing. I believe I’ve identified another pattern we could consciously adopt for a period of time, until we can fully walk (crutch free) into viable systems of wholeness, wellness, abundance, creativity, communities of creation, healing and well being.

      The Spiral is the oldest system throughout the history and herstory of our planet.

      Spiral Link is my project (baby) that harnesses the energy of the spiral within an egg like structure. It then uses the spiral energy to empower all of us who have been in the trenches for the past few decades…. And create a new health care model-based on wholeness and wellness. Not disease and disorders. Within it is 100% transparent. Without it is vaulted and protected 100%.

      Posted by graceiam | February 9, 2013, 12:52 pm
    • A very good idea.

      Posted by Jim Laurie. | March 28, 2014, 8:35 am
    • @anomoloushoward, Thank you for this! You have verbalized, very well in fact, what I have only been able to conceptualize during my thought experiments on the subject of “enlightened governance” recently. I completely agree with your sentiments on reversing the paradigm of privacy onto the system itself. It is very evident in our lives, and it’s not difficult to realize the impact that such powerful tools of privacy intrusion and data-compilation, like the XKeyscore program utilized by the NSA that was exposed by the brave Edward Snowden, can have on the natural order of mass consciousness when only in the hands of the select few.

      The impact that such a concept would have on our consciousness if reversed would be equally as powerful, toward what I believe would be the more honest, benign and genuine end of the spectrum.

      Again, thank you for this. Continue your great work.

      Posted by Matthew | April 15, 2014, 10:00 pm
  4. interesting thanks

    Posted by john k hutchison | November 24, 2012, 10:23 pm
  5. HopeGirl – Great work at the conference! I am sure you will be very busy over the next days and weeks. I really support your efforts to create a new “system” and I wonder if you all have considered Bitcoin as a possible transaction mechanism to use in place of the current banking system.

    With Bitcoin, you don’t need Wells Fargo or BOA or any of the big banks on board, nor do you need your own “bank” to worry about. Bitcoin is not dependent on any single organization, bank, government or person. The best part is that it is already up and running and being used by thousands of people around the world, all you need is an email address to transact with it (no ID or strawman reference required).

    Bitcoin can be exchanged for fiat currency using a variety of exchanges or it can be used entirely independent of fiat currency for trade and exchange at zero cost to the users. It is dependent on the Internet to work but that is all it depends on (the tech side of how it works is a bit complex but the resulting functionality is very simple like email).

    I think if your billion dollar fund was donated, held, and used exclusively via Bitcoin, we all could help Bitcoin reach escape velocity as a widely accepted global virtual currency, and help it develop as an easy to use alternative to the current banking system.

    If the entire alternative media (as Chris Hales referred) adopted Bitcoin as their primary mode of exchange the impact could be quite impressive and rapid. It’s the type of thing that can evolve alongside the current system until it is large enough to replace it. I think it might be our best chance at that “one clean shot” to make this new system work, because some sort of transactional mechanism is crucial for any wide spread adoption of a new paradigm in commerce.

    Let me know if you have questions about this. I am no expert but would be happy to offer what little I do know about it. The US gov of course does not like this idea and are trying to crack down on it but I think it has enough momentum elsewhere in the world that it won’t/can’t go away. There are already some fairly large scale investors backing Bitcoin and it is at the point where it very well could “take off” and put the financial system back in the hands of the people.

    Certainly I would like to help promote Bitcoin as it seems to be the most realistic alternative I have seen to the current monetary system, and it is already established and ready to go. No funds from fix the world project would be required to use Bitcoin so those funds and energy could be used for real projects instead.

    Thanks for spreading Hope and I look forward to assisting where I can! I hope this info helps.

    Best Wishes,


    Posted by Michael | October 7, 2013, 6:10 pm
  6. @Anomoloushoward, I totally agree with your statements.
    I have written a short ebook about a new, truly democratic, fair, inclusive and prosperous system called The Organic Economy, the final step in the evolution of democracy.
    It is available as a free download at http://www.theorganiceconomy.blogspot.ca
    please spread far and wide. Facebook page is The Organic Economy.


    Posted by Johnzo | March 27, 2014, 5:00 pm
  7. Quantum Leap Port ALL
    Irresistible LOVE
    The Cardinal Grand Cross
    BE NOW Here

    Harmony Is All
    Beauty Knows No Distance
    Cosmos Galaxy
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    Surrendering IS
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    =GloryKu from The NOW Moment

    …in all love…of us…lol….love,Ed

    Posted by ed | April 24, 2014, 1:25 am




    ….and we are in love with you……love, Ed

    Posted by ed | April 24, 2014, 1:30 am
  9. grettings Hopegirl, i sent you a private message and was wondering when i might here back from you, thanks for your time and energy, peace,dennis

    Posted by dennis corso | April 25, 2014, 11:13 pm
  10. I would like suggest that you also accept Bitcoin for donations. It’s a revolutionary digital currency that fits very well with what you are doing.

    Posted by Channing | May 3, 2014, 8:03 pm
  11. By the way,my little pet idea doesn’t need a crane to lift it. That will only be necessary for industrial models :D. …. I have some shopping to do now !!

    Posted by Chris [T] | June 20, 2014, 11:32 am


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