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http://h2.flashvortex.com/display.php?id=2_1460930107_64704_774_0_728_90_10_2_34 We know you’ll love the new site with all its new features!  But not to worry, we are keeping the old site in tact for archives and backlinks. Visit the new site today! http://WWW.HOPEGIRLBLOG.COM

QEG Chronicles Interview. Hope and Tivon Give Full QEG Project Overview With Eilish De Avalon

In this interview, Hope and Tivon give a run through of the QEG project as a whole, our teaching platforms, and highlight some of the amazing builds from QEG teams around the world. Following on from the tell-all interview between Mel Ve and Hope Moore discussing Hope’s book, The QEG Chronicles last week, We Are … Continue reading

The Children of Africa Center

This story will warm your heart.  It was only a few months ago that I met a woman named Bethany, who brought to my attention a very special place in Tanzania Africa.  There is a an orphanage there that was built by a man named Kristofa Kala. Kris was an orphan to a single parent and … Continue reading

QEG Chronicles Interview. Hope Girl Speaks to Expanding U.

The many facets of the book bring out all manner of important topics that a lot of people in the truth movement are faced with today.In this interview with Hope Girl, Indie Irie and Dr. Jeremy Ayers of Naturally Better TV, we discuss the release of the QEG Chronicles Free eBook and audio book. Discussed … Continue reading

Foundational Health with Dr. Jeremy FTW Media Show

START HERE! The information in this show changed my understanding about everything I ever knew about my health. It can do the same for you!  Dr. Jeremy walks us through foundational information in this extended interview. Learn about the natural rhythms of our bodies and how they are supposed to be in tune with the earth … Continue reading

2015 End Special! FTW TV Free For All!!!

In honor of our membership drive for the Fix the World Organization, we have just opened up all episodes of FTW TV to the public FREE TO WATCH FOR THE REST OF 2015! (Access will return back to premium in January of 2016). If you have not yet become a member of the Fix the … Continue reading

New FTW Interview on NBTV Discussing our Newest Humanitarian Projects.

In Good Company! Presented by India Irie with Special Guests, HopeGirl (Hope Moore) and Tivon Rivers of the Fix the World Foundation THIS IS HOW TO FIX THE WORLD: ONE ACT OF KINDNESS AT A TIME Throngs of us want to ‘Fix the World’ and have no idea how to begin–or think ‘What can just one … Continue reading

Fix the World Media Episode 11: FTW New Morocco Community Center for the Poor.

Time for some good news! Check out the amazing work that is being done to help people living in some of the most impoverished conditions! Watch this interview with Association Manos Solidarius, Association Ellas, and Fix the World for the full scoop! Watch here on FTW TV: http://fixtheworld.podbean.com/e/new-morocco-community-center-for-the-poor-fix-the-world-media-episode-11/ 

Life After Overunity on the QEG. New Exclusive Interview on the Peoples Free Energy Show.

For the first time since the big announcement in July, Hope and James hold this Frank conversation to talk about Life After Overunity on the QEG. What happens after you successfully complete a working free energy device and announce it to the world? The answer might not be what you think! Discussed in this conversation: … Continue reading

QEG Updates and Humanitarian Solutions The Peoples Free Energy Show

If ever there was an update to watch it is this one!  We’ve put a ton of updates from the last few months of hard work into this episode on the QEG Project.  In this hour long episode, Tivon and Hope update all those following the work of the QEG project on the latest, plus … Continue reading

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