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http://h2.flashvortex.com/display.php?id=2_1460930107_64704_774_0_728_90_10_2_34 We know you’ll love the new site with all its new features!  But not to worry, we are keeping the old site in tact for archives and backlinks. Visit the new site today! http://WWW.HOPEGIRLBLOG.COM

Facebooks Fumbled Youtubes Yanked, and Skipping Skypes. Somethings Up and they don’t want us to talk about it.

OK, so it is QUITE OBVIOUS to me that something major is going on. Why do I say this? Because the majority of movers and shakers in this world use FACEBOOK AND SKYPE to instantly communicate with each other across the world. So if anything happens anywhere ever, you instantly find out about it via … Continue reading

FREE ENERGY FULL DISCLOSURE: The QEG Chronicles Free eBook and AudioBook

This book is our written testimony of the events experienced by our family over the last two years of building a free energy device. We have written this because we feel that is is our responsibility to create a record of the events and to expose the truth to those who are ready to hear … Continue reading

Lunatics Tramps and Householders. By HopeGirl

When it comes to doing “The Great Work” some people are just not ready for it.  But how can you tell when someone is? In my journey I’ve met all kinds, the dreamers the skeptics, and the people that seemed to be successful in everything they do. It wasn’t until I listened to an interview … Continue reading

Why I left the New Age Movement. HopeGirl Video on Real Speaks.

I got so much positive feedback from my last post about my leaving the new age movement, I’ve turned it into a “Real Speaks” Youtube video. Please Enjoy and comment if you wish. We’d like for others to share their stories. You can read the original post here: https://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2015/10/02/disenchanted-with-the-new-age-movement-by-hopegirl/  -Hope

Disenchanted With the New Age Movement. By HopeGirl

This is a post that I am sure will ruffle some feathers. However, its something that I feel really needed to be expressed. Given some of conversations I’ve had with many of my friends, I am almost positive that I am not alone in my observations and my feelings  on this topic. This post is … Continue reading

FTW To Open New Community Center for the Poor in Morocco.

Check out the full story in our Fix the World Media Show interview here:(opens in new window) This is perhaps one of my most joyous stories to tell. The work of the Fix the World Organization has come to a beautiful blossom in the last couple of months and we are accomplishing what feels like … Continue reading

The Collapse Has Already Begun

“Contrary to what you hear, we’re already in an economic collapse, except that most people haven’t a clue.  The ‘big bang’ comes at the end, when people wake up one morning and can’t log in to their bank accounts, can’t use their ATM cards, and find out that their private pension funds and other assets … Continue reading

The Big Chill. Jovan Julian Robles.

Julian Robles, my friend and fellow truth warrior passed away yesterday.  He was way too young (27), and his passing (due to a medical condition with blood clot complications) was sudden and unexpected.  I have not been able to stop crying since I heard the news. Julian and his partner Justin are the founders of … Continue reading

Gangstalking Depopulation Program: Real Speaks Exclusive Special

For the first time ever, Tivon Rivers gives his personal testimony of how he was a victim of a covert depopulation program known as gangstalking.  Tivon is a A US Navy Veteran, and Electronics Engineer that was living in the UK for close to ten years. Tivon left the country to escape serious gangstalking harassment … Continue reading

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