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http://h2.flashvortex.com/display.php?id=2_1460930107_64704_774_0_728_90_10_2_34 We know you’ll love the new site with all its new features!  But not to worry, we are keeping the old site in tact for archives and backlinks. Visit the new site today! http://WWW.HOPEGIRLBLOG.COM

Cynicism linked to greater dementia risk

Cynicism linked to greater dementia risk The state of your mind has more to do with your health than you might think. In fact, it’s capable of influencing not only your mood but also your physical health, including that of your brain. Negative emotions are particularly damaging, of course, and these run the gamut from … Continue reading

Candybeet “Rawvoli” with Macadamia Ricotta Raw Vegan

From our friends over at Raw Flow: Feeling pretty good about these babies #raw macadamia ricotta & pine nut candybeet rawvoli with tarragon and pistachios. Yeahhhh I know #rawflow #rawvegan #rawflowkitchenalchemy #rawfoodshare #iinphoto #heathlyfoodshare -Renee I met my amazing friend and “raw foodie” artist Renee McCready, while touring in Australia in 2013. I am thrilled … Continue reading

ADHD meds are screwing up kids’ sleep

ADHD meds are screwing up kids’ sleep Medications used to treat symptoms for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be causing sleep problems in children, according to a new study. A new analysis published in the journal Pediatrics found that kids on these stimulant medications take significantly longer to fall asleep, have poorer quality sleep and … Continue reading

World class journalist spills the beans and admits mainstream media is completely fake

World class journalist spills the beans & admits mainstream media is completely fake Dr. Udo Ulfakatte is a top German journalist and editor and has been for more than two decades, so you can bet he knows a thing or two about mainstream media and what really happens behind the scenes. Recently, Dr. Ulfakatte went … Continue reading

Shout Peace On Earth!

“From our friends Revalyn and Angela – Shout Peace On Earth Initiative”, Everyone could help by spreading the word about shouting, saying, praying “Peace on Earth before we say “Happy New Year” – It’s a global shout, a vibrational shift to start 2016. 2016 is a number 9 year. A year of endings and far reaching … Continue reading

Beware the media industrial complex

Beware the media industrial complex In conversations with various people, I have often brought up the fact that the Media seems to have no memory of the past, is entirely uniform when it comes to urging war, and patently ignores a plethora of glaring issues. The issues it does catch sight of, it seems incapable … Continue reading

Sprouted Quiona Tabbouleh Raw Vegan

From our friends over at Raw Flow My #rawvegan #sprouted #quiona tabbouleh #xmas #family #love #iinphoto #whatrawfoodieseat #rawfoodshare #xmaslunch #rawmas -Renee I met my amazing friend and “raw foodie” artist Renee McCready, while touring in Australia in 2013. I am thrilled to share her incredible food, recipes and beautiful photography here with our readers on … Continue reading

How do we learn to be citizens of a smart info-state?

How do we learn to be citizens of a smart info-state? “THE man who wears the shoe knows best where it pinches, even if the expert shoemaker is the best judge of how the trouble is to be remedied.” So said the American philosopher John Dewey, defining something of an ideal relationship between government and … Continue reading

Bacteria resistant to ALL drugs shows up in Denmark

Bacteria resistant to ALL drugs shows up in Denmark Bacteria resistant to ALL antibiotics have arrived in Europe, and experts fear it could be the start of a global epidemic of untreatable infections. Last month, we reported on a gene mutation called MCR-1 that had shown up in bacteria in China. The mutation is resistant … Continue reading

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