Energy 4 Power in Your HandsUPDATE: NOVEMBER 17 2015

The Opensourcing of the QEG build manual on March 25th of 2014 has grown in leaps and bounds! At least 100 QEG’s are Being Built in over 40 countries by DIY Engineers.

Could you be one of them?

This is a REAL grassroots effort that is

Many are working very hard to bring this technology forward.

We have created an entire institution around the QEG and are currently teaching others how to build called “The QEG Academy” found here: http://www.energyefficientgenerator.com/

Here are links to all the documents
you’ll need to get started!


about 7

Product 1 Course Pic



42b5efe53766cfe1f58c7a102d5b2b4aThe QEG Academy

This is the official site for the Quantum Energy Generator that was open sourced by the Fix the World Organization in March of 2014. Here you will find all of our QEG educational materials and courses for purchase, plus the free manual, QEG reports, documentation, videos and Important links.

Due to the unique open source nature of the QEG project, many individuals, groups and so called “experts” have written a variety of bogus opinions on the QEG, however none of them have ever built one.  We have built five QEG’s in the last two years. Currently there are over 100 QEG’s being built by students in over 40 countries. This is a grassroots effort of DIY engineers who are working together to learn about this unique form of energy production discovered by Nikola Tesla.

So if you are looking for the right place to start your build, start here at the QEG Academy, and learn from the team that has spent more time working with this technology that any other groups we know.  We hope your enjoy your journey through the amazing world of Nikola Tesla’s work!


James Robitaille, Valerie Robitaille, and Hope Moore
Fix the World Organization
Fix the World Facebook Logo

This post was updated on November 17 2015




183 thoughts on “QEG OPEN SOURCED

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  3. We live as slaves in our beautiful abused world its this sort of technology that needs attention and development. Ill be part of that. Thankyou. Time to change my life.

  4. Has anyone replicated this??
    If so, input and output wattages are essential details to post.
    Construction plans are great.
    We just need some verification that it actually WORKS !!

  5. Hey guys another very interesting machine is the Yildiz all-magnet motor. Check it out from what I see it is ready for use and fully working. Worth a look!!! :)

  6. Hello dear !! I really would like to know if it’s possible to have one building here in Brazil !!?? Please come to Brazil too !! If you need some help just contact me ok !!?? I will be so glad to receive your time here in Brazil !! This is my mail address for you : ainochikara2011@hotmail.com Best regards to all of you !! You’re doing a great job !!

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  8. All good and dandy, lets assume this thing really works. But how much investment is required? Going through the list of components, the ones that I heard of yet, sum of at least 700€, and thats not even half of them. Plus labor you have to put into it..

    Anybody has any more insight on prices of this components?

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    • Yes sir, I live in Tauranga! What an exiting possibility! If we could create one, we would see come into fruition a VERY harmonious life for not just us but the rest of the generations to come on planet earth. it would change EVERYTHING! If we used it in the right way of course! I am going to read the user manual and see if i can understand how it works and if its possible. Then I will report to you. If you want to make this thing, and if I understand its general idea, I will help in any way I can. And not just me, I am sure the world would give its soul to the completion of the project. With a solid case, the idea WILL be funded! Surely!! God speed sir! If you understand its general idea, I would love for you to share it with me! Regards


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  13. Hello,

    the QEG is a good start just it is only top of the iceberg.

    If you check for Tesla motor patent US555190 there is generator in first drawing left which is even more sophisticated and finished than QEG. Unfortunatelly I could not find a patent for that generator but it it is definatelly follow up of Tesla patent US511916. The generator design shown in Tesla patent US555190 already involved motor-generator in single toroidal unit and mixing voltage with currrent on same ring which shoud nulify Lorentz opposing magnetic force reaction to rotor. So have good luck reaching to that point!


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  16. Is it possible to extend the mainshaft out and runthe motor of that making it have lesser parts to replace e.g the belt

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  28. You can should!! build the QEG using Teslas original stand up coil system, with the big Torus and ball, and copper tower.!! All u need to do to get it running is reverse the process by eliminating the 120-240DC power source and replace it with a A/C to D/C converter, and ground a positive AND negative lead to ground,like an aquifer,cause to work it needs water as the ground.(uses waters electrons and protons and salt to function,lubricate if u will)Don’t forget the row of 8storing capacitors before the spark gap, it should be tunable/adjustable as ALL spark gaps in his design are, even though he hid it from design because he knew ahead of time they were gonna steal his ideas and then murder him. Then, wen u need power just plug it in to a source(that draws power) and watch the power come jumping out of the Eather!!!!!! LONG LIVE Tesla!!!!!!!!

    • Andrew in witch country are you? did you built one? Just wondering if I can ring you and speak in person. Thanks

    • Andrew , congrats – you broke the hidden code.

      I am at New Delhi , India and want to replicate the same.

      Can you assist me getting started, by sharing your experience, since I am not an Electro mechanical expert.

      Has any one from New Delhi / India succeed in replicating the same ?


      Rakesh Ralli

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  33. Hello! I would like to ask if thedocuments could be reached in Hungarian language? It would be a great pleasure to receive a Hungarian version :) Thank you very much in advance.

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