This post was updated on July 12 2015

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We are happy to announce, that we have cleared the last major hurdle to making the QEG self-sustain while providing additional power.  After months of intensive work, under very difficult conditions, we have just now open sourced  the final piece of information that QEG builders around the world will need to finish the machine. This information is found on our website and on the be-do.com website under the title:

“QEG Tuning & Technical Update Parts 1,2 and 3, and QEG Theory of Operation”

This is to be used in conjunction with the third addition manual which can also be found on our website.

The innovations that can be applied to this prototype going forward are numerous. In staying with the true co-development nature of this endeavor, we are leaving these further innovations up to the creative expression of the engineers and inventors that are working on the QEG.

To describe this new and last piece of information, it is a step-by step detailed procedure for tuning the machine to enable the QEG to self-sustain with additional power output.  Again, we state: THIS IS WHAT THE ENGINEERS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.  It is open sourced and it is freely given as a gift to the world.

This also confirms that the QEG as shown to the world by WITTS is a working device. All instructions received by James from WITTS has been verified.


Changes to the QEG Project

The original intent of the project was to build a “free energy” generator prototype scaled large enough to power an average home, and to develop a set of instructions that would allow others to replicate the device and to give them away for free on the internet.  To the best of our ability, and with great personal difficulty of our own, we have been able to deliver that which we set out to do. With this final piece we are now closing the public project of the QEG.  For the FTW QEG family team, further innovations for the QEG and its development will be conducted in a privatized manner.

Engineers and the public now have everything they need to replicate the QEG on their own.  However, we have provided the following additional resources for all those interested in this breakthrough:

Free Open Source QEG Manual: Links to the Free Open Source documents

QEG Questions and Answers: An updated series of FAQ’s that should answer most questions we receive.
Please note, we no longer have the ability time or resources to answer individual questions so have provided these FAQ’s and other materials listed here for free. However, James will be available for scheduled consulting sessions.

QEG For Beginners Summary of Links: This will give new people every link necessary to self educate themselves on all the work on the QEG project done over the last two years.

QEG eBook : For builders desiring more instruction

The Underbelly of the QEG Project: Disclosure report of the negative aspects of what the QEG family faced during the QEG project.

QEG Consultations and Build Requests: James is available for scheduled consultation sessions and also to build QEG’s on location. If you would like to hire James please contact him through the email address on this link.

FREE WEBINAR!! “HOW TO GET YOUR QEG TO OVERUNITY”  July 20 2015 We will be holding a FREE webinar for anyone that wishes to attend, on July 20th presenting: “How to Get Your QEG to Overunity”.  Please sign up for the webinar at the link above.

QEG Rosetta Stone Campaign : We are raising funds to get this information translated into 10 languages. We have translated 3 languages so far and need help funding the other 7 translations. Please visit the Rosetta Stone Campaign if you would like to help.

Fix the World Start up Campaign : If you would like to help the FTW organization to raise the start up needs to implement this work please visit our FTW start up Campaign.

FTW Memberships : You can become a member of the FTW organization for $6.99 a month or $75 for the year. Members receive access to an amazing array of shows, and our monthly newsletter. We donate 10% of all proceeds to people in need through Kiva.

FTW Business Plan and Benefactors : We will be completely revising our FTW Business plan to lay out the strategy and funding needs for our entire organization that includes a Free Energy Technology Lab. If you would like to become a benefactor of the FTW mission and/or receive our new business plan when its done please sign up for this mailing list at the link above.

FTW/QEG Donations : If you would like to help out the FTW family or Organization in any amount you can always make a donation to us here. Every little bit helps us to keep doing this work!

Contact HopeGirl / FTW / QEG Team : If you need to contact us this page gives the correct email addresses to reach us.


What you also need to know is that this project has taken almost everything we had. We lost our home, had to move several times in the past year, and lost much of the equipment we need to have the kind of operational lab we need to do this work. We have run out of resources and simply cannot do anymore going forward without funding.  We hope that all of you can understand that this last vital piece of the project has been brought to you at a great personal sacrifice.


We Need Philanthropic Benefactors

We are now looking for humanitarian benefactors.  We are looking for true philanthropists who can help. Its time we put people before technology.  After being on this road for 2 years we have seen and heard many things. Too often we come across investors that are only interested in the technology and care nothing about the people that are building the technology. Its time we realize that there is a living human being that is building these devices, and that person needs food, shelter, basic needs and decent tools to do the job.  This not only goes for my family, but for ALL the inventors out there that have been struggling and working to build a better future for all of us.

For those who wish to contribute to a greater cause that can directly affect and change the lives of millions of people all over the planet – We need your help. As an organization we have the ability to bring cheap or free electric power to people in need, and we also have many other projects that involve bringing clean water, healthy food, and ending poverty in areas all over the world.  These projects will not only help people and save lives, but they will give people the opportunity they need to generate their own sustainable income and boost the economy around them. We have held onto the plans for these 60 projects for close to three years and we need the proper funding to implement them.

It is Now in YOUR  Hands

So what does this mean for all of us? We have taken old knowledge of natural energy production, knowledge that has been suppressed for over 100 years, and we have made it known and accessible. But knowledge and action are two very different things. We cannot control, nor do we wish to control, what people will do with this.  We can only hope that others will pick up the torch that my family has been bearing for these past two years and carry it on further than we ever could. The QEG and its unique form of energy production, along with other similar devices, can and will change the paradigm of our world. But changes of this kind do not happen overnight. They happen over a period of time, and in some cases over a period of generations. New beginnings are a very delicate matter.

For the people who believed in us, and supported us, and who were unwavering in their faith and dedication to this breakthrough:



If you’ve been waiting, now is the time to start building. Get involved, take action and help spread this gift across the planet. We have done everything we can to get this to you.  Right now it is in YOUR hands.  We have done this great feat so that the work of Nikola Tesla was not done in vain. We now pass this torch onto you and sincerely ask you all to use it to help your families and your communities. We have opened the door, its now up to all of you to walk through it.

It has been an honor to serve in this amazing endeavor. Thank you all for your love and support. Now lets all go out there, and build our brave new future- together!



183 thoughts on “QEG OPEN SOURCED

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  3. We live as slaves in our beautiful abused world its this sort of technology that needs attention and development. Ill be part of that. Thankyou. Time to change my life.

  4. Has anyone replicated this??
    If so, input and output wattages are essential details to post.
    Construction plans are great.
    We just need some verification that it actually WORKS !!

  5. Hey guys another very interesting machine is the Yildiz all-magnet motor. Check it out from what I see it is ready for use and fully working. Worth a look!!! :)

  6. Hello dear !! I really would like to know if it’s possible to have one building here in Brazil !!?? Please come to Brazil too !! If you need some help just contact me ok !!?? I will be so glad to receive your time here in Brazil !! This is my mail address for you : ainochikara2011@hotmail.com Best regards to all of you !! You’re doing a great job !!

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  8. All good and dandy, lets assume this thing really works. But how much investment is required? Going through the list of components, the ones that I heard of yet, sum of at least 700€, and thats not even half of them. Plus labor you have to put into it..

    Anybody has any more insight on prices of this components?

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    • Yes sir, I live in Tauranga! What an exiting possibility! If we could create one, we would see come into fruition a VERY harmonious life for not just us but the rest of the generations to come on planet earth. it would change EVERYTHING! If we used it in the right way of course! I am going to read the user manual and see if i can understand how it works and if its possible. Then I will report to you. If you want to make this thing, and if I understand its general idea, I will help in any way I can. And not just me, I am sure the world would give its soul to the completion of the project. With a solid case, the idea WILL be funded! Surely!! God speed sir! If you understand its general idea, I would love for you to share it with me! Regards


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  13. Hello,

    the QEG is a good start just it is only top of the iceberg.

    If you check for Tesla motor patent US555190 there is generator in first drawing left which is even more sophisticated and finished than QEG. Unfortunatelly I could not find a patent for that generator but it it is definatelly follow up of Tesla patent US511916. The generator design shown in Tesla patent US555190 already involved motor-generator in single toroidal unit and mixing voltage with currrent on same ring which shoud nulify Lorentz opposing magnetic force reaction to rotor. So have good luck reaching to that point!


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  16. Is it possible to extend the mainshaft out and runthe motor of that making it have lesser parts to replace e.g the belt

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  28. You can should!! build the QEG using Teslas original stand up coil system, with the big Torus and ball, and copper tower.!! All u need to do to get it running is reverse the process by eliminating the 120-240DC power source and replace it with a A/C to D/C converter, and ground a positive AND negative lead to ground,like an aquifer,cause to work it needs water as the ground.(uses waters electrons and protons and salt to function,lubricate if u will)Don’t forget the row of 8storing capacitors before the spark gap, it should be tunable/adjustable as ALL spark gaps in his design are, even though he hid it from design because he knew ahead of time they were gonna steal his ideas and then murder him. Then, wen u need power just plug it in to a source(that draws power) and watch the power come jumping out of the Eather!!!!!! LONG LIVE Tesla!!!!!!!!

    • Andrew , congrats – you broke the hidden code.

      I am at New Delhi , India and want to replicate the same.

      Can you assist me getting started, by sharing your experience, since I am not an Electro mechanical expert.

      Has any one from New Delhi / India succeed in replicating the same ?


      Rakesh Ralli

    • Andrew in witch country are you? did you built one? Just wondering if I can ring you and speak in person. Thanks

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  33. Hello! I would like to ask if thedocuments could be reached in Hungarian language? It would be a great pleasure to receive a Hungarian version :) Thank you very much in advance.

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